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Why are 63 percent of men single

Sulayman Kone

By Sulayman KonePublished 9 months ago 12 min read

so I just read an article from February

of this year it says that 63 percent of

American men are single and only 34 of

American women are single so I wanted to

go over that real quick

uh there's four points from the article

uh it says 63 of men American men under

the age of 30 are single and of course

they blame the the typical stuff The Hub

adult entertainment they blame video

games they blame social media they blame

THC right you know it's the typical

shame and blame of men and all those

things are symptoms not the cause of men

being single okay those are just the

ways that men are occupying our time

it's not the cause of the singleness


the the singleness is

um and it's going to take a minute to

explain but we're not having children


it's really overpopulation when my

parents are in their late 70s and when

my parents were born there was about 2

billion people on the planet there's now

eight billion people

when I was born there was three and a

half billion people on the planet

there's now 8 billion if you extrapolate

that out 50 years from now there'll be

16 billion people on the planet

and and 80 years from now there'll be 32

billion people on the planet well that's

just not sustainable right

and the carrying capacity of the planet

meaning how much food we can produce is

only about 12 billion people so we're at

about two-thirds of the capacity of the

planet Earth

and the mouse Utopia experiments

explained that every single time they

put these mammals when they got to half

or two-thirds full of the capacity of

the enclosure they put these these rats

and myosin they stopped having children

so I believe that mammals at least have

a relief valve a shutoff valve in our

programming in our wiring that says hey

you've reached two-thirds of Your

Capacity stop having children

and so what's happening now for the

first time in in the history of humans

we've been around about two and a half

million years for the first time we

don't need babies okay we don't need to

keep having children we're we're

subconsciously saying it's enough

and the only reason that men and women

ever really get together to begin with

is to have children I mean when you were

in grade school or pre-puberty did you

play with girls I couldn't stand girls

right there was always some cute girls

that I thought were really cute but I

didn't want to talk to them

I certainly didn't want to play kickball

with him or baseball with them or soccer

because they sucked they sucked at

sports right

and so boys and girls don't play


pre-puberty in grade school but nature

is really a drug dealer nature pumps Us

full of hormones and puberty so that all

of a sudden all we do is think about the

opposite gender right

it's a trick and it's a good trick

because otherwise our species would have

only lasted one generation right it's a

necessary trick

to make the other gender fall in love

with each other right it's really an

addiction it's really a high

is what it is it's not it's sort of


and so nature tricks us into getting

together and I call the triple B's

blinded by boobs and blinded by butts

and so that's all we do it's like oh my

God Girls Girls Girls Girls everywhere


and so we get tricked into getting

together and getting married and all

this stuff so that we have babies well

we don't need babies anymore do we

now if you still want babies what I

suggest if you're in a western country

or anywhere is you do some research on

the internet and you find the best

country in the best Province or state in

that country to have a family

I think the Western countries have

peaked the laws suck as far as having a

family here the government literally

thinks that the child is there is not

yours and the women get custody of the

children 85 of the time so having a

child in America is extremely dangerous

it's not really your child they'll take

it away from you for no good reason

you'll be a perfectly good man and

they'll just take the kid away from you

so if you do want children

find another place do you're gonna have

to do the homework I don't know where

the best place is because I don't have

children I don't want children

but if you don't want children I think

it's the best time to be alive for a man

honestly I really do because

we can get intimacy without getting

married you go back even 50 60 years you

couldn't have intimacy with a woman

without getting married first right now

you can you had to buy the cow

with that before getting the milk and

now there's milk flowing everywhere

so I think it's a great time to be alive

for a man

but all these people are going to keep

shaming and blaming you saying watching

the you know watching the adult

entertainment the video games and all

that I think everything's fine in


as long as you're supporting yourself


do what you want to do enjoy your life

okay don't let other people shame and

blame you into doing

what they think you should do enjoy

yourself just don't get addicted to


so then this article says that 34 of

women under the age of 30 are single so

that's like half so there's twice as

many single men under the age of 30 as

there are women and people say well the

math doesn't add up well it's very

simple the women are dating older men

okay they're dating men 10 20 even 30

years older than them I know this for a

fact I know this from experience okay

women are dating much older men

and they're also dating each other

I saw a statistic that 20 percent of

young women today identify as bi and I

know Daughters of friends of Mines that

are dating women that like boys that

like men but they couldn't find

strong enough men honestly

young men that were leaders

and so now they're dating women

so that's part of it so women are dating

older men and they're dating other women

and that explains the difference in the


and then the article talks about women

of high standards

and that's true because women are now

independent they can support themselves

they make their own money they have

political power

I think that's wonderful because that

means they're not dependent on me I

don't have to pay for a woman right I

don't have to get married I don't have

to support a woman

now you might say yeah but I still want

to date and have fun well there's a

couple ways to solve that one is you can

go to Wikipedia and type in pra

institution one word and it'll tell you

all the places on the planet that it's

legal to

to pay okay

and I always suggest doing everything

legally don't break laws where you are

always know the laws and just go there

if that's what you need to do

if not I don't have any of the six packs

in the in the the six figure income I

don't I've always been a low income kind

of guy and I've done just fine with

women and the real secret is you have to

be mentally tough and you can be

mentally tough at any age okay I've

known really attractive women that date

short guys that don't have a car that

live with their mother but they got an


they know how to stand up to women they

know how to lead the woman you know the

Bad Boys a lot of bad boys are broke

now you don't have to be a jerk you

don't have to be a bad boy to date in a

western country where the standards of

women are high

but if you just have a backbone if

you're mentally tough

that's so rare today for coming from

Western men that the women just lap it

up they love it and if you know how to

flirt with a woman and you know you

understand the dynamic that

I'm the leader and she's the follower

that I'm the masculine and she's the

feminine dating is actually not that

hard in America

but I do not recommend living with women

or getting married because the laws are

horrible okay you want to live with a

woman or get married you need to go find

a place a country and a province where

the laws are better

and you're going to have to do your own

homework I don't know those places okay


and then the fourth point it makes is

male loneliness and that is an epidemic

the problem I think the problem with

male loneliness

is the internet

I'm lucky enough to have spent half of

my life pre-internet in the second half

post internet

I played video games extensively 35

years ago we had huge groups of guys

that played Sega Genesis we had Sega

Genesis Sega Genesis tournaments I still

have my Sego

we even had trophies that we got out of

the trash and we would have 10 guys in

our little party house they'd all stop

buying at a 40 ounce 99 cent Miller Lite

40 ounce or they'd bring their THC

and we had like NCAA brackets we'd

played Madden football and we played NHL

hockey and it was like seven nights a

week and it was we were all in the same

room together we were still playing

video games and we all had like

entry-level jobs right we all live two

three four guys per house or apartment

and but the video games back then were

communal we were in the same room today

guys where the headsets and they're

playing video games through the internet

you're not in the same room with people

I think it's really internet causing

male loneliness women are much more

proactive about making plans with other

women going to brunch getting mimosas

going shopping together going to the

mall together all that kind of stuff

men are not proactive about this stuff

so you're gonna have to be proactive and

invite guys to do stuff with you okay

Frisbee golf a lot of the guys I played

video games with 35 years ago now play

Frisbee golf two or three times a week

and I actually went out and played with

them a couple times but I have an eye


so I can't do it I can't jerk my head

like that

but frisbee golf is free it's in nature

you're touching grass you're hanging out

with cool guys right

go join a pool league

go join a dart league go join a softball

team or a pickup soccer team or


join a car club or Bicycle Club okay

um you know I live with the another

party house about 10 years ago when I

was 40.

and every night was movie night seven

nights a week the guy that owned the

house had it was like a seven foot TV it

was the biggest TV I've ever seen took

up pretty much the whole wall and we'd

watch movies seven nights a week and

they also was a video game system in

every room you know it was a typical guy

Paradise right I think this is great I

think it's a great time to be alive

is a man

um that that is if you're not stuck in

these onerous you know alimony and child

support situation which I feel sorry you

know I I understand your plight but if

you're free from that or you're going to

be free from that soon it's a wonderful

time to be alive as a man but you're

going to have to be proactive about

finding male companionship okay men men

make the best friends of men men and

women really cannot be friends in my

opinion once again go back to grade

school pre-puberty we were not friends

boys and girls did not play together

right the girls annoyed us didn't they

and trust me as you get older women will

annoy you they become more and more

annoying is that testosterone

fades it naturally Peaks I think at 18

or 20 years old or something and it

slowly decreases over time and the older

I get the more I'm like yeah I don't

need women women annoy me

just like when I was seven years old and

they annoyed me then

but the the male loneliness issue is is

you're gonna have to just be proactive

men make the best companions for men go

join men's groups do a men's retreat

go camping do a fire pit go touch grass

leave your front door okay we build

these houses we have these four walls to

keep the elements out and the bad

creatures out and really it's a gilded

cage if you don't leave your home or

invite people into your home it becomes

a prison okay you're gonna have to take

that that

initiative and make plans with other men

all right if you want to date women just

have a backbone just be mentally strong

to date women especially these Western

women if you don't if you're not

mentally strong

move move to Thailand move the southeast

uh southeast Asia South America Africa

if you'd like or Eastern Europe okay

move where the dating is easier for a

western man

and those are the solutions really I I

look at the glasses half full I think

if you understand what's going on and

you if you don't want a family or if you

do want a family you're gonna have to go

find a place where it's safe to have a


if you don't want a family it's great

it's awesome you don't have to you don't

have the peer pressure that my father

and grandfather did to get married or

have children okay there isn't that same

pressure now because the population is

booming and we're sort of peaking all


so anyway uh the glasses have fun guys

you know it's you have to adapt I'll

just end with this

Charles Darwin did not actually say

survival the fittest somebody else said


it's not a bad phrase but what Darwin

said was better he said it's not the

strongest and it's not the smartest that

survive it's those that can adapt to


we are living through a paradigm shift

in human evolution

because of population explosion we're

reaching the capacity of Earth

and we this is this is the biggest

change in human evolution I think ever

since the since we invented fire okay

and so you have to adapt and it's not

the smartest or the strongest that

necessarily make it it's those that can

adapt the times are changing just adapt

be proactive about making friends be

proactive about doing guy stuff joining

clubs all that kind of stuff


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