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by Jay Kantor 5 months ago in Humanity · updated 3 months ago
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~ Loosely Philosophical ~



Peculiar? I was always attracted to Women that 'Pout' - Upper Lip Squiggle Style! Cute to me; can't even imagine WHY?

What attracts you to the Opposite Sex, or the 'Neutral' Sex, for that matter — Or NOT?

Ok, I'll start: Along with being 'Pouty' I like Women that have 'Grace'. I know it's not an often used description these days, but just a soft-smile (and maybe a wink) will do it for me; not much more! Oh, and of course, a quick-wit!

I'm often Questioned by Readers — "Is THAT story about Me?" No, it's not about you, I twist characters around. I'm just a 1st Time "Goof-Writer" for the fun of it; nothing more! Brother says, "scribble what ever you want—you will anyway!" If that doesn't mimic what Dad would say, nothing will: Sarcasm doesn't fall far from the family tree! Although if you feel the need to sue; please stand in line.

I have to admit, not a big fan of tattoos! Some, no problem, but color-slathered all over the body-arms-neck — Good Hurt? I just don't get it? No matter how it's explained and often rationalized to me from 'individual' statements as permanent tributes! Of course 'Dress-Code' is just a dinosaur expression these days — Different times!

As a former employer I would have never hired anyone with these colorful human billboards; it would detract too much from our reason—focus for being there. It wasn't about them! An unnecessary diversion which should be a non entity in any business situation, that may take-away from the offerings credibility; who needs that! I don't know if I could still discriminate, in these times, this way: However the regulation is labeled? I'd most likely get 'Canceled'.

I just wanted to think about that again—Now I have.

I still can't get used to cell-phone-abuse: People can be very rude. Isn't there cell-phone etiquette? Such as, taking precedence with phone calls right in front of someone you may be face-to-face communicating with. And, don't get me started on drivers—Can't I see they're on the phone? Of course I may be the only one that notices this?

I once dated a High School Cheerleader who was also the Counter-Girl at Kinney Shoe Store, where Twin-Lar and I were Salesmen—Our 1st exposure to the Sales-Schmooze-Technique.

She was SO cute, but she was shy about showering after all of the games! I told her I was busy on game days! — I'm Lovin' That Memory!

Non Judgmental Encounters:

— I often chat with the grocery pickup-lady at the market. She is 22 and has 3 Children from 3 different men. I said, "Oh 3 Slips?" She laughed and told me she is (4) months pregnant again. Kids and Fiancé live with her Mom while she fills orders with a nice smile; I always treat her kids to Happy-Meals! Once again, different times.

— Years ago, Lar and I were flying home out of San Francisco; a short-shuttle. Then-Governor Brown was casually walking around the terminal. I said "Hi, Governor!" He said, "Hi Boys!" No surrounding-security in sight; the good-Old-days! How 'OLD' Fashion!

Favorite Expressions—We all have them:

"Some of the greatest conflicts are not between two people but between one {1} person - Ourselves."

"What are the Damages?" ~ "Who IS this?" And, Dad would say: "Bring the wheelbarrow TO the Dirt, Dummy!" 

— Don't POUT About It —

Jay Kantor, Chatsworth, Cal

"Senior" Vocal Author

For The Kids Someday


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Jay Kantor

Retired: Write for "The Kids Someday"

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