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By Sean NoblePublished 3 years ago 4 min read
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As a child growing up I would somehow found myself in some uncompromising position. These scenarios I normally found myself embarrassed or wishing I was Shaggy 'It Wasn't Me'. Take a chuckle, give me your eyes & take a read or listen;

As a child our first Love was Sweet like Candy; definitely at times can or will be Crushed. This girl from my community delicate like a flower & sweet, so excited to be her Friend, seeing her on a regular the closer we became. On this particular Sunday going in town We were fortunate to be in the same Taxi, My little Heart beat with Joy, such happiness, pity did I know my happiness would immediately turn sadness. With the Taxi loaded there & then my tummy decided to hurt; I did try my best to hold but in vain, I did the 1 jaw lift but didn't prevail as planned. 'Pepé Le Pew' The entire taxi was stunk, everybody coughing & covering your nose, right then & there I was embarrassed; Only If I could stop the Taxi & finish my journey. From that day never again did I saw my first crush. Her last words I can recall "I was disgusting" It was never a quarrel not even a fight, It was just a fart. What can we do about Human Nature?

The chapter continues; On my way to School just like any ordinary day suddenly my phone rang "Hello" I heard " You dissed my girl & just letting me know I'll be beaten badly". Instant flashback the day before I told this girl some expletives, the rage of his voice made me shivered. I abrupt the call as I reached School I gathered all my friends & told them about this mysterious call I received, by the way all of them was there when I was in discussion with this particular female. One of my friend took my phone & call the person, trying to intimidate him, my friend deepen his voice but the guy wasn't buying it. Shortly my phone rang this guy telling me I tried to scare him after dissing his girl now he's going to stab me, instantly I start panicking, I told him "I'm going to the Cops" he replied "He didn't care he was already on the Wanted List" Gulp! He went on to say "He didn't censor his number because he didn't care" now I was convinced I was screwed. This plight how can I turn the hands of time? I called The female trying to apologize but no response, her phone rang in vain, eager for an answer the more anxious I became. My phone rang again "Hello" so low almost mute, I was now told not to be beaten or stab I need to get him a Razor Phone, early 2000's Razor Phone was the latest edition released. My friend that called him trying to intimate, he was now included & caught up in the situation; to escape we both decided to steal a Razor phone. Like a Cheetah seeking a prey, there I was passing through students, they were the bushes slowly but surely I must snatch a phone. Before School dismiss I was successful, Razor Phone in my pocket, my conscience now bothering me I was now a Thief on the brighter side I get another chance to live. Waiting in the spot I was told to meet; I told my friends to stay close by, just in case. There waiting with my friend, my so call partner in crime, my intimidation Caller. Suddenly all my other friends came on the scene laughing, amused on my face "why are you guys laughing?" Only Aston Kutcher was needed with his crew, They all yelled "you been Punked" an instant emotional ride. I was laughing but embarrassed, To make matter worse the student I stole the Razor phone from was in the audience; after been the laugh of the town I had to return his Razor Phone & apologize. Although a prank the actions of stealing & embarrass could never be erase. My friends pranked me, all because of what they saw on Tv.

In Life the bad moments teaches experience the good moments are memories. What don't kill you make you stronger. These stories are non-fictional but indeed some of my confession😍. Thank you.


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Sean Noble

Poetry from the spiritual mind expressing Ways of creativity. Read passionately mini sadness, pure happiness. I have no Stripe account but will accept gratuity via PayPal. [email protected]. Thank you. Most High First Every Day.

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