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My first time kiss

love my crush first time kiss

By Mohit ChawlaPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
My first time kiss
Photo by Mia Harvey on Unsplash

The month must have been like November-December. The sky was clear, the sun had set.

We were enjoying the sun with our friends sitting on the college campus itself, today we friends were throwing things here and there when my attention was fixed near the main gate of the college.

Someone was coming, wearing a light blue sweater, a yellow salwar suit and twisting her silky hair.

The light sunlight fell on his face and the red dot of his lilac was blooming wonderfully. When she came near me, my eyes were wide open.

Hey! This is Nisha.

His name suddenly came out of my mouth. I had proposed to Nisha many times but till now no response was received from her. She had never refused and never agreed.

She just smiled and avoided it. This was the reason why my friend always used to tell me that Nisha also loves you, that's why she doesn't deny you

Seeing her so well-dressed today, I had also decided that today I will keep taking answers from her.

Now we had gone to class but as soon as we got a chance in the break, I asked him "Nisha! I want to ask you one thing"

"Ask," said Nisha.

I was speaking while suppressing my voice that she said while cutting my words, "Okay! Today you will not say anything, I will speak only"

On hearing this, my heart started beating loudly. The whole body felt like lightning. But my happiness knew no bounds on hearing that voice. Today was the most beautiful moment of my life, which I was waiting for for many years, I got to hear it today.

He had accepted my love and within a few days, both of us were hugging each other. The rose of love was blooming for the first time on the barren land for centuries. All the directions were filled with this colour of love.

Now we had become famous in the whole college like Laila Majnu, all our friends started calling her sister-in-law. After this, we both had fun travelling together many times, sometimes in this park and sometimes in that park. But there came a time when our college was coming to an end. Both of us were afraid of separation, different, wonderful thoughts were coming into our minds.

Sometimes we think that we both get married and sometimes we start to fear the decision of our family.

When our college was over, we both came back to our respective cities but his memories made it difficult to live here.

For many days, I did not feel like doing anything, just thinking like this, I used to look at his pictures in sadness.

I also started trying to forget everything slowly to fulfil my duty. Meanwhile, I got a job offer from a good company. In so many days Nisha must have forgotten me, this kind of thought came many times in my mind. But I used to think that when I could not forget her then how could she have forgotten me.

My heart wanted to forget everything and go to him, but the responsibilities were firmly on me.

I half-heartedly went to the job interview. I had no interest in this job but still went for that job. Just like the water of rivers goes towards the sea without thinking, in the same way, I was going without thinking.

Now I had reached the office for the interview. Many people were sitting in the office for the interview. I too started waiting for my turn. She was eating Nisha's memories there too and a different kind of seclusion was being killed. Just as the sunflower flowers wither after the sun sets, I was in the same condition after Nisha's departure. I was sitting with people but still here to I was feeling alone.

After some time it was my turn too

"Sir! You are being called in for an interview," an employee of that company came to me and said.

Saying "Ok" I went inside by lightly pushing the door of the office.

A man with big eyes, a rough face, a stern question on his face and a light white man was sitting on the chair.

He gestured for me to sit, after which he asked "What is the name?"

"Yes, Raju Agarwal," I said.

After this, he asked many questions, which I kept answering with full confidence.

He also asked some strange questions like - What does your father do? How many siblings are you? Apart from these questions, many other questions were asked, but I have answered all the questions exactly right.

Who asks such a question for a good job! I thought it appropriate to answer this question in silence. Hearing this question, it seemed like it was less a job interview and more a marriage interview.

"I like you very much," he said.

Called someone by pressing the ring bell button with his right hand.

Teenage years

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