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By Mohit ChawlaPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Photo by Monika Kozub on Unsplash

The story is of a man who could open any lock. Whether it was the lock of the safe, the lock of the jail or the lock of the house, no matter how high the security lock was, he used to open it. People used to wonder how he could do this. So one day an event was held, a challenge was placed that that person would open the lock of a chamber and come out of it, he would be locked inside the chamber and lock that chamber and put it in the swimming pool will be filled with water.

If you can open the lock, it will come out. He can even accept his defeat. By ringing an emergency bell, I can admit to my necklace that I cannot open the lock. The man accepted the challenge. He had full faith that he would do this. Many people took their cameras with them to shoot, the person put inside the chamber closed the gate and slowly dropped into the water and the game started. Everyone is excited to see that they are watching. How will the lock come out?

The man took a wire out of his pocket and started opening the lock and the seconds went on. Every second was very tough for that person as it was becoming very difficult to hold his breath. People were seeing that every time the lock opens in a few seconds, then why this time it was taking so much time as the seconds kept increasing. The person started suffocating. He was having a lot of trouble in opening that lock, that person put all his efforts. He put his whole mind into it, he was not able to open the lock. In the end, it felt right to give up on him.

He rang the emergency ring that I was giving up, I could not open it, then as soon as he rang the emergency ring, the chamber slowly started coming up. He was feeling ashamed so he could not lookup. He is sitting down in the chamber. Holding the gate of the chamber, as soon as he tries to sit, the chamber gate opens as he bangs towards the side and he realizes that the gate was not locked at all. He thought that why did not this come to my mind earlier, then maybe the gate people would not have been done. When he was not able to open the lock after applying so many tricks, why did not it come to his mind even once that it might not have been locked at all? When the solution is very easy then why are you so talented Don't be Your talent will never work. If you can't stop and think. Sometimes doing nothing is the solution.

Sometimes the solution is just to see that the problems are not a habit. We hear this every time from the people around us. We read in books and see in the videos that staying busy always be busy people. It has become a trend that busy people are big people. but sun times it's ok to do nothing not doing anything is just not right because when you were not doing anything then such ideas come which cannot come while busy.

Very few people will understand this. For this reason, many startups have been started by people around the age of 20, because this is the age with the most freedom, how can that person prove himself good at impressing people by opening the lock of the chamber? Loka Ga was very busy at this time, due to which it came to his mind for a moment that it may happen that it may not even be locked.

In this way, we are living our life, only then we are not getting the solution because we do not think for a while. We never come in the zone of doing nothing, that this time nothing should be done, just stop and think. We always want to keep ourselves busy but the truth is that people who do nothing, do wonders.

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I personally believe self made is not 100 % true.

Every person has got help by certain people.. They may be mentor, friends and team members but they surely are a part of their successful career.

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