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I Miss...

It's Ok to miss those things.

By Samantha ParrishPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Yearning is natural, but its a starving feeling that can be filled...but it depends on who fills that yearning appetite of affection. It's not wrong to miss the feeling even if you don't miss the person.

I hope this open letter confession helps those who have these same thoughts about those emotions and motions from someone who gave them these things but can't have them again.

I miss my hand being kissed in the same way my lips would be kissed

I miss a hand at the small of my back for another form of contact

I miss how the back of a hand would caress the side of my face

I miss being twirled around in public like we were the only ones that existed.

I miss how the arms wrapped around me from the back to keep me safe and secure

I miss saying "I just wanted to be in your arms"

I miss the plans for the future

I miss talking until my throat was sore but never stopped me from talking

I miss wanting to be wanted

I miss the way your eyes would look at me

I miss the morning conversations

I miss the late-night drives

I miss how I was the last name on your lips and heart before you went to bed

I miss the nicknames you came up with for me

I miss the songs you and I played together in the car

I miss being able to be a part of your decisions

I miss the way you wanted me to show off my outfits for you

I miss the way I shared my plans to you

I miss how you said you wanted me

I miss the house planning for our first home together

I miss the way you held me tight in the morning

I miss the way you listened to my stories

I miss the devotions you said to me

I miss the way I showed you how I loved you

I miss the phone calls every night about how our day went

I miss the shopping we did together

I miss those long goodbyes

I miss how you held my hand

I miss the way you would open my door for me and say "Mademoiselle"

I miss how you would buy something for me I didn't expect

I miss the coffee dates

I miss the things we talked about wanting together

I miss how you wanted to learn about me

I miss how you took care of me when I was sick

I miss the way we toasted on movie nights

I miss the intimacy of those kisses

I miss the way you hugged me when I got to see you

I miss the games we played

I miss the pictures we took together

I miss what you remembered about me

I miss the way I made you laugh with one of my jokes.

I miss the way I could by myself around you.

I miss packing the boxes of items for our home together.

I miss the talk of marriage

I miss the way you touched me

I miss my face being held in your hands.

I miss your noises

I miss the marks on my neck from you.

I miss the stories we could tell others about us

I don't miss the way you criticized me.

I don't miss the last day we had.

I don't miss the hurt you put me through

I don't miss the way you betrayed me

I don't miss how I don't miss you.

It's enough to not miss you.


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  • Jodi Parrishabout a year ago

    Exactly... when the pain outweighs the pleasure... let them go. Better is on the way always <3

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