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How Gambling Almost Destroyed My Life And What I Did To Stop It— Advice From An Ex Gambler

Once I realised these few things, l took a bold step that changed my life forever.

By Mrs HPublished about a year ago 4 min read
How Gambling Almost Destroyed My Life And What I Did To Stop It— Advice From An Ex Gambler
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This is a story about how a seemingly fun and harmless diversion became an addiction that almost ruined my life. It all started in 2016 when I moved to the UK to be with my husband, who, at the time, was into gambling. I didn't know about his dangerous habit and only found out when we started staying under one roof.

That year on my birthday, he took me out for dinner, and though it began as a lovely night, things changed once we hit the casino. In about 30 minutes we had lost nearly £200, but since it was my first time, I was told that's what usually happens and we would get it all back next time, and for sure we did. Nonetheless, that marked the beginning of an unhealthy obsession that took me down a path I would like others to avoid.

After many losses and few gains, my husband stopped, and though l knew it was the right thing to do, I just couldn't. I was left inside this dark place where nobody could pull me out except for the sound of the gambling machines designed to take me further down south. The temporary high I got felt shorter and shorter, and I craved for more. Nothing mattered anymore except the urge to chase whatever we had lost, which l was keeping a record of.

As time went by, my husband disliked who I had become. We hardly spent time together, and l made excuses for everything, whether it was money missing or me failing to do my hair whilst l would have left home heading to the saloon. Though initially, l felt terrible lying to him, I later found comfort in my gambling friends doing the same thing. Nevertheless, l forgot they were not part of my household, and if it crumbled, l was going down alone.

However, l was wise enough to save it before it did. And now that l know better, l would love to help you achieve the same results but know it won’t be a walk in the park.

Reality kicked in when my husband slapped me with a divorce threat — something l knew he would pull out if I failed to make drastic changes within a given time. First and foremost, within myself, l acknowledged that l had a problem and needed help.

I sort a gambling therapist and researched how otherwise had done it in the past. Luckily, l came across Gamestop— A FREE SERVICE that automatically restricts you from registering with any online casino once your account goes live with them. However, you have to personally call or register your details online. If anything is missing, they will contact you via your preferred means and let you know once your account is active. The only downside is that they only work with ones online, meaning you have to physically exclude with those in town or wherever you gamble. I know it won't be easy, but believe me, one day, you will realize you made the right decision — free of gambling debts and having your valued relationships intact.

And now that I know better, I want to share with you four reasons why I believe gambling machines were specifically designed for the wrong reasons.

➽Justification. No matter how bad the situation may seem, these games were made to comfort you with the idea that you have it under control, and you may win the next time. As a result, you keep playing until there is nothing left in your bank account, and before you know it, you have massive payday loans and credit card debts which you won't pay on time and ruin your credit score.

➽Transformation. Every gambling machine is made to grab you by the hand and take you down a path full of fake promises. You begin to compromise everything that matters, including your values and beliefs. For example, I stopped taking care of myself, eating healthy, doing my hair and mostly became something l hated before — a liar.

➽Satisfaction. Each time you lose, you are instantly introduced to the idea that you can get it all back. This urge will keep growing until you do, but you forget the chances are very slim until you walk out empty-handed.

➽Addiction. Bright, colourful lights and inviting music seem to follow you even when you are in bed trying to get a decent amount of rest. And sadly, it will never stop until you return to damage your life more.

Always remember gambling machines will only show you love and appreciation as long as you have money. Once you are all out, reality will strike like a thief in the night, and you will realize what you have lost. However, all the pain and trauma can be avoided by making the right decisions — not gambling and closing down your account with websites like GAMESTOP.

Be open and honest with yourself and those around you. Let them know you have a problem and need help, even if it means allowing them to take control of your finances for a while. That is what l did. I asked my husband to open a separate bank account that l couldn't access and move all the money to the joint until l was okay. It took a lot of sacrifices, but it saved my marriage. So know that it won't be easy like any addiction, but with dedication, transparency, love, and support, it's doable.

I hope my story reaches as many people as possible. It may not have the ability to change the entire world, but it could make a difference in someone's life, even if it's just one person.

You can get some of the books l found helpful in maintaining my freedom on Amazon. One of them was written by a former gambler C.W.V STRAATEN on Amazon. I wish you good luck and know that nothing is impossible if you believe and put in the effort.


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  • Terry Alexander21 days ago

    I used to think that stories about gambling addiction were just scare tactics. Now I realize that most people who write negative reviews about casinos and hysterically complain that everyone around them are scammers are actually those who couldn't handle their addiction and excessive desire. I've been gambling for a long time, just by choosing reliable casinos in the top lists . Sometimes I win, and sometimes I lose. It's normal, and I take it in stride. I can stop at any moment. I think this is what can be called a healthy attitude towards gambling.

Mrs HWritten by Mrs H

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