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By Shantel SpiekermanPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
First day as Security

That woman in the picture is me, Shantel. I am the new female security guard for vastly growing security business. This night I was assigned to work at a luxury apartment building off located Broadway. 12 hour shifts from 7:00 pm until 7:00 am. I was excited and proud of myself for finally getting a good job with benefits, pride, and the pay was definitely an upgrade as well. Before Heading off to work from my home 25 minutes away I quickly ate dinner. I was very careful not to get any of the home-made enchiladas on my new uniform. I knew all 3 of my bosses would be there for the first half of my shift to make sure equipment and the rounds all ran smoothly. I had only met one of them because he was the one that hired me, and could not wait to make a great first impression on the other two. Finishing up the food I took a look in the mirror once more before heading off to work. Feeling confident and in a great mood singing to my playlist all the way there. I park my car in the designated parking and gather my stuff. Walking up to the garage elevator a different feeling suddenly hit me. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling at all. My stomach started making these random noises that sounded like an animal crying for help, must just be nerves. I thought to myself as I went up one floor to meet my bosses in the lobby of the apartments. Pull it together I told myself as the elevator doors opened. I put on a winning smile and walked out trying to ignore the fact that I was feeling sick. The three bosses met me half way in the middle of the lobby. Shaking hands and making introductions I asked if I could use a restroom before we started the walk thru. They directed me to the public bathroom just around the corner from where they were standing. I turned and tried to quickly rush off before my stomach started with the noises again. I was about 2 and a half steps away from disappearing around the corner when all of a sudden it happened. I let out the loudest most nasty sounding fart I had ever witnessed let alone created. The fart propelled me forward a little bit as I ran through the door and quickly into a bathroom stall. I didn’t even have time to completely sit before even louder gas followed by... well let’s just use medical terms explosive diarrhea. Just when I thought the worst part was over more seemed to happen. I am not to sure of how long the whole thing actually lasted but to me, my stomach, and other parts it felt like a life time. Finally the pains and the wired noises stopped. I was feeling better when I realized that I could hear my bosses laughing hysterically. If I could hear them laughing they definitely heard everything that went on. I was so embarrassed. I washed my hands and decided to text my hiring boss giving him an explanation. Mid sentence my phone goes off it’s my boss the text read “We hope everything is okay in there, it sounded pretty rough. Did you eat something that didn’t agree? Either way no need to be embarrassed it happens to all of us. If your okay we can start the walk thru”. I answered back “ok here I come” and walked out of the bathroom only this time not so confident. As I opened the door I spotted several little kids around 5-6 years old and two mothers running up headed for the restroom. I tried to get far enough away, so the kids or mothers would not know who was responsible for the smell. Walking quickly I hear all of them in unison say “GROSS!!” Followed by one of the kids saying “what is that smell? It smells worse then when grandpa uses our bathroom.” They exited faster then they entered gasping for fresh air. My bosses once again are laughing hysterically at the comments made by the kid. Which paused our progress away from the area. One of the kids pointed at me and said “ It was her she did it!” The other children and the moms gave me these unapproving looks that said everything with out saying a word. I could feel my bossy temperature rising and my face getting hotter and turning red. By now my bosses we laughing so hard they were almost crying and I just wanted to run away and never come back. Finally moments later we were able to do the walk thru with out incident. After all equipment was checked and a second set of rounds completed, they were finally ready to leave me alone to do my job. I walked them out of the building as the went over last minute things they forgot to tell me. As they got into their separate cars the main boss yelled back to me “By the way Shantel, don’t worry about that rough start okay. I just want you to know your going to do great you really blew us all away!” I have been working there for almost a year and still get teased for the best first impression ever.


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