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Sonnet 9

Summer night frozen in time

By Shantel SpiekermanPublished 3 years ago 2 min read

Long summer nights are some of my favorite days remembering one of these times.

a memory not to hard to find.

always near I hold it dear a picture perfect photo in time.

Closing my eyes I can feel the warmth of summers evening sun, gently kiss my exposed back and face.

Come with me back to this place.

of family food fun and laughter.

one to remember in this life an many after.

Can you hear the the children’s laughter.

as they run from fence to fence in a race.

can you feel the energy here in my finest place.

Listen as our elders share stories of their younger days past.

holding on a second longer to make it last.

how different the times how many things change.

what was once so familiar now being rearranged exciting and strange.

Some of the mothers with help from their brothers.

carry things adding the finishing touch.

for this amazing plethora of food there is way to much.

the savory smell of bbq lingering in the evening summers air.

Making me wish I could go back there.

the best yet to come.

more beautiful then the setting of a summer sun.

looking around at the familiar faces I stare,.

trying to find one very important host yet guest in my mind aww there!

She sings and dances in perfect tune both he and she move as one.

Ear to ear smiles show they are having fun.

White diamonds a faint smell in the air.

I can almost feel her love and motherly care.

Her short salt and pepper hair red lipstick and red shirt too.

a perfect way to remember these two.

teaching us how to truly love, be great full care.

for each other always be there.

our teachers of all things learned in life this husband and his wife.

He loved her so much anyone even the blind could see.

and with out him she couldn’t possibly be.

they were best presented as we.

They have raised us in love only a parent would know.

The last summer night before we let her go.

the center of our hearts our fires glow.

do not be sadden by her passing.

because she left memories and lessons long lasting.

mention of her name will always bring a rush of safety and love.

We find comfort knowing her angelic face watches from above.

her favorite music will always cause one to dance.

paired with the smell of white diamonds a hypnotic trance.

if ever a content heavenly place.

a memory always cause a smile on my face.

it’s this moment I have froze in time.

so I can always come back I made it easy to find.

Aged memory like the VHS tape I can rewind.

this is happiness this is love this is all mine.


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Shantel Spiekerman

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