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Simply Titled Me

By Shantel SpiekermanPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
My whole families last picture with my mom

Masterpiece simply titled Me

The puzzle of my life slowly coming together piece by colorful piece. Many artist lend a hand at creating this work in progress, this masterpiece, simply titled “me”. Peaks and burst of bright vivid yellows, purples and green; happy moments in my life are what those seem to mean. Pinks and reds are powerful when they appear. I believe friendship and romance are these colors here. Orange is rare but it is there highlighting accomplishments and my goals. rings me to gold color of my soul and my heart until the day my world fell apart. The death of my mother brought the progress to a stop sadness filled me to the floor I drop. Drip drop every tear I cry washed the colors away.. good-bye. It seemed as tho a part of me, with her died. My colorful world now is shades of blue Darker and darker the blue darker and darker the hue until every color... Every color that use to fill my eyes and color my face vanished with out a trace! Feeling alone, unwanted, a disgrace... I was in this darkness, this blackest of black kind of place. Looking for comfort but no one was around. Self- medication was the road that I found. I lived here for years in this black and grey cloudy place. Until one day I again saw the colors they appeared in my children’s face. My oldest son and Triplets two girls and two boys my heart once again over flowing with love and joy. Younger then me but they could see, life doesn’t stop you got to pick up the pieces that you drop. Slowly as I decided to change, the colors started to rearrange. Once again making me beautiful to look at for everyone to see. So when asked what color represents me I say the rainbow bright as can be! Followed by Many, many colors make me and I am the artist of my life I will make sure to paint it right.

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