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Blossoming romance

By Dilesmeyyy<3Published 29 days ago 3 min read

Euphoria : feeling of extreme elation and well-being, often characterized by a sense of contentment and bliss

Love, I always wondered what love is, how it feels to be loved and to be able to love. It's a shared chapter in all our lives. Once I thought I had it all figured out but it turns out that I was just miles away from understanding any of it. Yet, few of us ever truly figure it out, even after multiple attempts. However, I managed to find my beloved, and now, let me paint a picture of my chapter.

He is a vision of subtle perfection, with a fine body and thin almond eyes that appear gently intoxicated. His neatly cut pitch-black hair is subtly streaked with small white strands peeking through them. His hands are veiny, adorned with long, delicate fingers, and his smile reveals very adorable teeth. He thinks he looks normal, "replaceable", but to my eyes he's simply perfect. He's really sensitive, kind-hearted and sweet. An overthinker, yes, but to me, this is no flaw. He's older than me but he's just a baby. He's my baby. Needing ample attention and love, which I am more than happy to give.

Most of the time I wonder how he endures it, how he endures me. He sees me for who I am and accepts me, flaws and all. In the beginning, I feared he might come to his senses and leave me; those doubts still linger at times. Yet I don't think we can, now more than ever, his presence is the cornerstone of my universe, without it, everything would crumble.

His love supports me through tough times and gives me a lot of confidence. I'll always stay by his side and support him too. Nothing would make me happier than seeing his success in life. He reminds me that I matter, even when I doubt myself. With him beside me, I feel we can tackle any hardships that come our way, ready to overcome obstacles together.

"A true relationship is two unperfect people refusing to give up on each other"

No relationship is perfect, and ours is no exception. We often find ourselves in the midst of disagreements, usually over the most silly things. Our arguments can be frequent, yet they never diminish the deep affection I have for him. Despite the silly quarrels and misunderstandings, at the end of each day, he is still mine, and I love him.

I hope that we can navigate through every obstacle, big or small, with grace and understanding. I dream that our bond will strengthen with each challenge we face, allowing us to continue our journey together, forever. Through all the ups and downs, I believe that our love will endure, guiding us toward a future filled with shared happiness and enduring companionship.

"Sometimes home has a heartbeat - Beau Taplin || home"

He makes me feel loved and cared for, meeting my incessant need for 24/7 attention and affection. He listens to my endless yapping, always ready to lend an ear. I am deeply grateful to have him by my side, knowing I can turn to him with anything. He is my confidant, my sanctuary, making me feel safe and loved.

In his presence, I find my home.


In your arms, I find my peace,

A love that never seems to cease.

Your gentle touch, my guiding star,

No distance ever feels too far.

With every beat, our hearts entwine,

In your embrace, the world is mine.

Euphoria, our love's sweet song,

Together, where we both belong.

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    Dilesmeyyy<3Written by Dilesmeyyy<3

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