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Beginning Phases

Online Business?

By ChantelPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Beginning Phases
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What is life?

I have a million ideas at once but just need money to be able to relax and live my life.

I just had an idea of if I started a series where I walked up to people and asked what their job was, and their least and favorite thing about the holidays, their cities, America, etc.

That would genuinely be so fun to create, but I am also scared for the camera to get stolen while filming since America be wilding or specifically the west coast.

I just bought a 970$ digital course to get started on creating my own. I want a 25k$ month and to stop worrying about money! I will make my net worth grow x2 this year. I need to hustle which clearly I am fine with based on how I reach out to people for jobs on LinkedIn.

I maxed out from harassing others. I genuinely don't mind doing it and could do it all day, but I do prefer when I get a yes and it leads somewhere.

I will continue to learn about the digital course world and apply to remote and adventure style jobs! I deserve it. I desire passive income. I desire to reach my 105 weight goal again in 2024.

I will make 100k+ this year. I need to do this for future Dom. Your health and future ability to be flexible and shift your life depend on the steps I take today. I just want to be good to her and get her where she desires to be so I don't look back at the what if.

I don't know where the relationship with Stew will go. I'm just trying to navigate my own life and make my own dime while enjoying spending time with him. But his work is all in person for the whole day and that must be exhausting.

I want to make the money to be able to treat my parents and friends to nice things and never have to worry about money anymore. I can sign up for all the fitness classes I desire and disappear for times at end and travel whenever I want. That is the goal.

To help others succeed and do what I do would be amazing too. To gift others the gift of financial freedom- why not? I want that to be my purpose. Helping others succeed in their life as well as my own.

Another goal will be able to ride first class and not feel guilty about the money! To do that I need to make double figures every month. To take ubers and not feel guilty! What a dream. I could even buy a house! What a thought. That would honestly be crazy, but I do also enjoy living with my family. But I wouldn't mind getting a house if my best friends could live with me and have their own bathroom/space etc.

It's crazy the flexibility I had with my remote work to visit all my friends across the country.

Friends at the moment: Adilia, Ashley, Janelle, Jerri, Sandy, Sarah, Annalysse, Jasmine, Nick, Hanelye, and done.

How will life look for you in 2024? I don't expect much travel as this year with 23 countries visited. But I would love to see you doing financially amazing to the point you don't worry about prices anymore and have experienced your first class flight with no worries. Could be nice to have a destination party for my parents too, in someplace unique.

My future is fully dependent on what I do in this moment and sometimes that scares me if I am being honest! But I know I just need to take one step at a time to not get overwhelmed.

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