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Be There

by Hidden secrets 10 months ago in Friendship
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We all need reassurance at times

Be There
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No matter how hard life gets, don’t give up. I know life can be a pain in the ass and it is so easy to give up; but don’t. Someone is happy that you are alive, they are waiting for the day that you see them. They are waiting for the day you notice that they are there for you, and they like you. They don’t want to make that first move because they are scared that you don’t like them, and you don’t see them. If I am being honest, I have learned that the best friendships, and relationships start off with you not liking that person; or you just think you don’t like the person, because neither one of you are showing the real you that is deep down inside.

Not everyone is here to hate on you and judge, they aren’t all here to tear you down, and break you more. Some people are here to be your friend and build you up and to make sure that you know how great of a person you are, and that they love you no matter how much you think you are worthless, or how much you hate yourself, they wake up and think God each day for you. They think you are priceless, and they know they cannot find anyone else in the world that is like you, and they wish that you knew that. They would shout it from the roof top for you to hear it, they would yell it from the top of the mountain if that meant you would believe it. They would do anything to make you see how much you mean to them. They love you whether they are your s/o, spouse, or just your friend. They just wish that you could see yourself in their eyes, and they wish they could tell you all the time what you mean to them, but they know that no matter how often they tell you, you will not believe them.

We never truly listen to the people that we mean the most to because we think they are just trying to make us feel better but really, they are just trying to tell us how they feel about us. They want to make us feel better while doing so, but they are also taking it as an opportunity to tell us they really feel about us. We may just see it as them making us feel better, but they see it as the time to tell you how they truly feel towards us without us knowing its how they really feel deep down.

We, as humans only take the time to reassure someone when they are asking for it instead of sharing how we truly feel towards someone even on their best days. Telling someone how you feel towards them only when they ask for it makes them think that you are only doing it to make them feel better; when you should be telling them all the time even when they are the happiest, and when they know how much they mean to you.

You should always want to make the people that you love and care about the most feel it all the time, not just when they are feeling sad and upset, you should feel like you can tell them at any time of day, and any time of the week, or month. I know that it often feels like anytime you are being sweet to the people that mean the most they shrug it off as if they don’t care but they really do care, they probably just don’t know how to show how much they care or how to react to it. It’s okay to put in more effort on some days than others because we all have our good and bad days. We all struggle, and we all have our ups and our downs. We all need someone to show how much they care sometimes, some of us need it more than others and some of us rarely need it, but we all need it sometimes.

I often forget that it is okay to ask for help. I forget that sometimes we all need one person we can call when shit hits the fan. I often forget that is okay not to be okay. I often fall in a hole of darkness that takes so long for me to get out of, and I am always so scared to ask for help; I am scared of the judgement I will get from others because they think it's not okay for me to ask for help. So, instead of making it a fail in life to ask for help, why not praise people for actually asking for help before they lose their shit and all hell breaks loose, because if that were to happen then they are crazy, not sad or hurting they are just crazy, so praise that person in your life that has asked for help before or are asking now and see if you can do anything to help, make sure they are okay, and make sure they know they can call you for anything!


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