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Are some friends really only meant to stay for a little while?

Life is wild at 23

By ChantelPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Are some friends really only meant to stay for a little while?
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I have been extremely busy and have lost some motivation to do my online recruiting work! Sometimes I wish I was a mom already and had a husband who would take care of the finances, but also maybe when I have that life, I would crave and miss young Dom who had the freedom to pick up her life and move anywhere she desired.

Since I had last written, I have

-became a weekend host for Urban Diversion, a social group in San Francisco

-traveled to Hawaii and tried ATV tours, parasailing, 1st surf lesson

-went indoor rock climbing for the first time in San Francisco

-got my phone and wallet stolen by someone in Daly City and had to complete a police report for it

-decided that the sugaring lifestyle is not for me after talking with Mel and truly doing the introspective work for myself

During my time on the Seeking website, I felt disgusteed by most of the men. Most of them are gross and are people I would never chose to spend time with outside of that world. They all just want to be able to touch my body and the idea disgusted me since I don't equally have the attraction to them. The only one I was open to having an arrangement with ended up losing his job, which in a sense was a relief for me because I had been feeling iffy about the whole situation after talking with my new friend about it.

In all honesty, all I really want to do is travel and have fun meeting new people and having new experiences.

I want to take

-a pottery class

-a glass blowing class

-surf lessons somewhere tropical or local

-heels class

-maybe a cross fit class

At the moment that is all that I can think of.

Dating has taken a pause for the most part and I am okay with that.

Fred is gone in NYC for who knows how long, the british guy has ignored me and I also lost his phone number, and the recruiter guy had messaged me that night I lost my phone and probably thinks I am ghosting him, but in reality, I had just lost my phone with his number and can not text him if he doesn't double text me. Maybe it is for the best?

I did and always have asked God to get rid of whatever is no longer serving me. So maybe that is what has happened?

He got rid of the sugaring situation. He got rid of my phone that had contact with the UK man and with the recruiter. Maybe he wanted me to start fresh again in some weird way.

My financial update is that I am still in debt by 7k.

I am in debt to my parents for at least 900 dollars for my new cell phone.

My net worth keeps on dropping but at minimum, it still is at 150k which is nice since that was my original goal for end of 2022. My new goal had upgraded to 175k-180k, but that was before the unfortunate events that had occurred in my life.

I really just want to pay off my debt and then begin trying to save again and have at minimum 10k saved for an emergency fund. I truly have never had one and it has been stressful.

My next new events to look forward to:

I get to host a BBQ event on Labor Day!

I get to host and try bio-kayaking for the first time in September!

My best friend from college is coming to visit in October and I need to plan what we will do to get her a jam-packed 3 days experience of what SF is.

At the moment, this is my life.

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