Fantasy Premier League Tips All Players Should Know

Strike that perfect goal in the creation of a serviceable and suitable roster with these fantasy Premier League tips.

Fantasy Premier League Tips All Players Should Know

Odds are never in your favor when it comes to picking not only the right team in fantasy football, but a winning team. I think this concept, most of all, has become rather construed, especially when dealing with Premier League fantasy football, because it’s as much about skill as it is about the team’s overall functionality. You may have two or three of the best players on your League, but if they’re positioned incorrectly, or aren’t making all the points you had hoped for, chances are you simply didn’t follow the correct steps in designing a world class fantasy team.

Listen, you don’t want a lousy squad after weeks of preparation, and the further into the season you go with a tarnished roster, the farther you plummet in the standings. That's only one of the reasons why this sport is better than basketball, every single player is completely different and abides by a whole ticker counter of variants. These fantasy Premier League tips will not only help to ensure your roster is at the most avid level of playability, it will also enhance your overall game, from spotting good trades, necessitating certain undervalued players. Like the game of football itself, all fantasy comes down to is the right footwork and the perfect element of team building.

Even if you're not new to the sport, or the game, consistent players know that the rules have the best forms of fantasy Premier League tips, because they show you just how to make the best out of a team, what exactly is allowed, and how it all comes together. The Premier League's official app is probably your best bet in guiding you to the goal line of a victorious squad, but there are plenty of valuable substitutes that can assist you in the designation of a superior fantasy team.

Don't be a child attempting to build a LEGO set without the instructions. If you don't know the rules, then you won't get it, period. There are some important lessons to be learned from understanding the game, which is probably the simplest guide to uncovering football in of itself, and leading you into more fundamental fantasy playability.


Doubtful players don't always make for an awesome addition to your clean sheet, but fortunately there's what are called "sleepers," or as you can assume, players who perform under average, yet still preform better than most. Fantasy games tend to pit players based on their performances from the previous year, so if they suddenly get good, (i.e. Michael Essien from Chelsea), then you've been handed an inexpensive player who outperforms even his own average.

It's the difference between being Manchester United or Stoke City. You'd rather have the mentality of a really good manager, one who sees where players can best perform on paper and on the pitch. Sleepers make for one of the best fantasy Premier League tips, because oftentimes they're cheap to pick up last minute, and offer a wide berth in average points. Here's a complete guide to the most underrated players in the Premier League, so you can see just how they operate.


It's pretty obvious that you'd want to make your first few choices players who are practically untouchable when designing your initial roster. It's probably among the most obvious fantasy Premier League tips, but they're not always as easy to spot as you might think.

For instance, Manchester United has at least three players (Rooney, Vidic, Evra) who could be evaluated as "untouchables," but so does Liverpool. You have to also factor in other tips on this list, like rotations, sicknotes, and so on. You never know what will happen in a Premier League calendar, even when it comes to untouchables, but the more you know ahead of time, and the more you prepare, you can guide your roster into the most sustainable position possible.

Later Weekly Transfers

Tinkering too much with your roster when it comes to late in the game transfers isn't always wise. Choosing doubtful players can mean riskier business, but according to The Fantasy Football Club’s John Fendley:

"Wait as long as you can for players who are doubts... Don't pick your team too early, or you can get snookered."

When it comes to the right fantasy Premier League tips, Sky Sports shows and other televised programs have some of the most valuable takeaways, one of which is choosing your transferring battles wisely. Making a risky trade, or even changing a player “just because,” isn’t always the best route. In short, make your weekly transfer as late as you possibly can, that way you have time to make your own deductions on certain players and can attribute the best positions that need to be filled.

Card Magnets

It's pretty self-explanatory: card magnets are fantasy Premier League players who tend to get either yellow or red cards like they're gifts. Avoid them at all costs! Not only will they put a massive damper on your whole game, but they can mean the difference between a quality roster and one needing more transfers than you can handle.

You want to know an obvious, yet important aspect in fantasy Premier League tips? Card magnets are your team killers and will surely send you down the rankings. David Dunn and Charles N’Zogbia are two of these kinds of players who are more prone to be carded than score or defend, so keep this in mind while building that world class Premier team.

Utility Players

Sort of like "sleepers" but for positioning sake, utility players are those who can work the pitch in practically any form. They have expert ball handling, or at least somewhat below average ball handling, yet can either score, run, or defend well beyond the normality.

When attempting to uncover the secrets hidden within the various fantasy Premier League tips, utility players are the most valuable commodity. Think of the kind of players who can be midfielders, yet still defend really well, or even attackers who don't tend to score, but pass with expert aim. These are utility players, a value beyond belief for fantasy Premier League managers.

Players Who Actually Play

This one should be an obvious one among fantasy Premier League tips, but all too often there are some fantasy managers who just never get it, or ignore the more obvious. So, to you all out there who don't know as well as others: not all players get to play.

With that being said, don't go around plucking up players from clubs that rotate too much, or you may find yourself in a limbo of uncertainty each week. As you're building a perfected roster in the likes of Manchester City, pick up someone like Keven de Bruyne, who could have been out on sick leave last year, yet decided to stay so the team could continue their record run.


Likewise, in the case of Kevin de Bruyne, don't go around flirting with players who may or may not be accustomed with getting sick mid-season. That's incorporating injuries, as well, though those are far, far more unpredictable when dealing with fantasy Premier League tips.

Decide on players who show a good, clean record of at least 30 straight play-throughs, not footballers like Arsenal's Robin Van Persie, or Liverpool's Joe Cole. Investigation into your players' attributes is key to the creation of a golden fantasy football club, and can mean the difference between victory, or failure.

Fixture Lists

If you don't know what Fantasy Football Scout is, then look them up. Taking control of how fixture tickers operate will make fantasy football ten times easier, and may even be the reason you win. Fantasy Premier League tips just don't get any easier than this, and all it takes is a quick visit to the site every once in a while to make sure you're up to date and prepared for the week.

How can a fantasy website be a useful tool for winning? Well, you don't even have to do use the site at all. Just check up on clubs' calendars, or simply knowing when certain games will be played is the leverage you need in designing that World Cup club of your own.

New Arrivals

New foreign imports, or players rising from promoted sides, are hefty individuals for the game of fantasy because they offer a lot of potential and a whole myriad of surprise. While it may be best to wait and see in certain cases, a good addition among fantasy Premier League tips is to keep an eye on said new arrivals, because you never know which one may just have the spark you need to light up the pitch.

On top of being potentially dirty with a ball, new arrivals are also typically inexpensive and won't dumb down your roster. You'll still be flexible, and you'll still have many opportunities to fix your squad if these new arrivals end up not working for you. The point is, just because they're new doesn't mean they should immediately be forgotten.

A One Team Strategy

Don't, whatever you do when attempting to design a fantasy Premier League team, choose too many overvalued and strong players. A lot of newcomers to the fantasy football scene love to load up on really powerful footballers, yet tend to lose horribly in the long run for a number of reasons, one of which is obviously trading, but another is valuations.

When diagnosing the most fundamental fantasy Premier League tips, I found this is probably the most memorable, or at least among the most important, since its all-too common. Choosing a bunch of players from West Ham or Stoke City, for instance, sounds great on paper, since these players may be inexpensive, yet still valuable. But, designing an already existing club for your own in fantasy is just not how the game is played, plain and simple. A one team strategy is an immediately failing strategy.

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