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Reasons Why Soccer Is Better than Basketball

Basketball is certainly one of the best sports out there, but we all know that soccer is way better. These are the actual reasons why soccer is better than basketball.

By Greg BondPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

Basketball is pretty up there among the best sports in the world. As simple as the game is, it's much more complex than you think. Since there's so many rules and regulations within the game, that's what usually throws people off. Either watching or actually playing, basketball can get really frustrating. Not to mention that so many players start fights right in the midst of a game, and it turns into just one big mess. No surprise here.

What's also not surprising is the fact that soccer is better than basketball... way better. How can I be so sure? Aside from the two being similar in one or two ways, soccer easily has better qualities than basketball. Yes, basketball is loved by so many people, but how you seen the quantity of soccer fans? Clearly it's loved more. So, check out the real reasons why soccer is better than basketball by far. You won't be able to disagree with me after looking through them.

Using your feet is much more complicated than your hands.

Remember when I said basketball is a complex sport? Well, compared to soccer, it really isn't. It's much easier to use your hands than your feet in a sport; you have better control over the ball. It's so simple to dribble with your hands and even shoot. Almost any beginner in basketball can master dribbling—it's not that hard. But with your feet, you can lose control over the ball if you're not that experienced.

This goes to show that it takes a lot of practice and talent to be able to play soccer professionally—not basketball. It's not a sport if it's not challenging to the player. It defeats the purpose of competing with opposing players.

Soccer players are a lot more fit than basketball players.

No, I'm not denying that there isn't any running in basketball, because there is. But compared to soccer, soccer players run. All they're doing is running. Since running is an amazing exercise, this shows how much more fit they are compared to basketball players.

One of the reasons why soccer is better than basketball is because soccer players are certainly more fit than basketball players. Have you seen the muscle strength on their legs? They're basically bionic! Soccer players also have to maintain proper balance, because not only are they kicking and scoring with their feet, but they still have to run with them. They're multitasking at this point and this helps them develop more strength as they're running and dribbling with their feet.

Soccer is an international sport, not basketball.

We all know that soccer is truly an international sport, because over 200 countries are heavily involved in it. You can talk about soccer with nearly anyone on the street, because it's such a loved sport. Aside from being a fan of the sport, so many cultures enjoy playing soccer for fun or even professionally.

But not many countries are into basketball. Since it started in America, a lot of the countries outside of the US aren't as involved in the sport, both watching and playing. This clearly shows that soccer is better than basketball for the love of the game.

Height in soccer doesn't matter compared to basketball.

Did you know that the average height in basketball is about six foot seven? Six foot seven! In order to play professional basketball, you actually have to be about six foot three and up—they sometimes won't take anyone shorter unfortunately. Height matters so much in basketball, since all they're doing is shooting and dunking on high baskets.

For soccer, height doesn't matter. You can be five foot six and still be qualified to play soccer. As long as you have speed and skills, that's basically all you need in soccer. Soccer won't judge your height like how basketball does... LeBron James has nothing on one of the fastest players in Barcelona—Lionel Messi!

There is less scoring in soccer, so it makes the goals more exciting.

In basketball, it's so easy for teams to score—which makes each shot less exciting than the next. For soccer, it's much more challenging to get a goal for reasons like great defense/goalie, missing the shot, etc. However, when a goal is made, it's so exciting to the fans. Since goals are hard to make, this makes the fans build up their excitement and eagerly wait for a goal to happen.

Basketball isn't like that. Basketball players can easily and quickly score a basket after one another and the crowd doesn't get as excited as the first few baskets, proving that soccer is better than basketball.

Soccer fans have a bigger presence than basketball fans.

The soccer fan base is... ginormous. I literally mean like millions of fans from across the globe cheering passionately for their favorite team. A soccer fan will actually give up their soul to get tickets for a soccer game. They don't even have to be good tickets, just tickets to physically watch the game live.

Sure, there are diehard basketball fans out there, but are they as passionate about the sport as soccer fans? Basketball does have a great crowd of fans watching the games, but it's really nothing compared to the amount of soccer fans who overload the soccer stadium. There are even soccer fans by the doors watching the game, because they couldn't get seats. But that doesn't stop them from watching their favorite team play.

Soccer has a richer history.

Soccer started back about 2,000 years ago in England, but was also played in countries like ancient Greece, China, Rome, and even parts of Central America. Then the sport rapidly expanded through other countries and it quickly became an international sport that's loved across the globe. This is another reason why soccer is better than basketball through its rich history.

Basketball started up in 1891 Springfield, Massachusetts, by a Canadian physical education instructor. He was searching for a sport that didn't cause too many injuries to the players. Clearly the sport was forced to happen rather than naturally coming up with it.

Soccer doesn't get an off-season like basketball.

Unlike basketball, soccer doesn't get an off-season. It's seen as a year-round sport because it can be played through the fall and winter, or even through the spring and summer seasons. There isn't a specific season where soccer must be played on.

For basketball, have you ever heard of them playing in the spring and summer seasons? Basketball's prime season is late autumn and all through the winter. Basketball doesn't even get a slight sight in the summer time. But soccer does, and that's one of the reasons why soccer is better than basketball by far.


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