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Leeds United 'Disappointed' as Rob Price Departs for Derby County

Leeds United has confirmed the departure of Rob Price, their esteemed Head of Medicine & Performance, who has taken up a new role at Derby County.

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In a significant development within the English football community, Leeds United has confirmed the departure of Rob Price, their esteemed Head of Medicine & Performance, who has taken up a new role at Derby County. This announcement was made on Friday, 21 June 2024, via Leeds United’s official website, marking the end of Price’s influential tenure at Elland Road.

**Rob Price’s Tenure at Leeds United**

Rob Price joined Leeds United with a wealth of experience and quickly became an integral part of the club’s backroom staff at Thorp Arch, the club’s training ground. His role as Head of Medicine & Performance encompassed overseeing the medical and performance departments, ensuring that players received top-tier medical care and support to maximize their performance on the pitch. Price's influence extended beyond the typical duties associated with his role, contributing significantly to the club's successes and resilience, particularly during challenging times.

**Impact During the Covid-19 Pandemic**

One of Price’s most notable contributions was during the Covid-19 pandemic in the 2019/20 season. The pandemic presented unprecedented challenges to football clubs worldwide, with health and safety protocols becoming paramount to continue the sport. Under Price’s guidance, Leeds United successfully navigated these difficulties. His efforts ensured that the team adhered to stringent health protocols, minimized infection risks, and maintained peak physical condition despite the disruptions caused by the pandemic.

Angus Kinnear, Leeds United’s Chief Executive, highlighted this in his statement: “On behalf of everyone at the club, I would like to thank Rob for his commitment and dedication to Leeds United, especially during the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic in the 2019/20 season. We all have great respect and appreciation for Rob, and naturally, we are disappointed to see him leave the club, but we wish him every success in the future.”

**Contributions to Player Recovery and Performance**

Beyond his role during the pandemic, Price was instrumental in managing player injuries and rehabilitation processes. His expertise was crucial in the recovery of key players such as Stuart Dallas and Adam Forshaw, who spent significant periods on the sidelines due to long-term injuries. Price’s tailored rehabilitation programs and innovative treatment methods ensured that these players returned to peak performance levels, contributing positively to the team’s overall success.

**The Move to Derby County**

According to Price’s official LinkedIn page, he will now serve as the Sports Science and Medical Lead at Derby County. This new role represents a significant career move for Price, who brings his extensive experience and proven track record to his new club. Derby County stands to benefit immensely from his expertise, particularly in enhancing their medical and performance departments.

**Leeds United’s Response and Future Plans**

Leeds United now faces the task of finding a suitable replacement for Rob Price. His departure adds an unexpected challenge to a summer already filled with anticipated changes on the pitch. The club’s management must identify a candidate capable of continuing Price’s legacy and maintaining the high standards he set in the medical and performance departments.

Chief Executive Angus Kinnear and the club’s management team will likely begin an extensive search for a new Head of Medicine & Performance. This role is critical to the club’s operations, as the health and fitness of the players directly impact their performance and the team’s success. The new appointee will need to seamlessly integrate into the existing framework while bringing innovative ideas to further enhance player care and performance.

**Importance of the Role**

The role of Head of Medicine & Performance is crucial in modern football. It involves not only treating injuries but also preventing them through proactive measures such as strength and conditioning programs, nutritional advice, and mental health support. The position requires a deep understanding of sports science, medical knowledge, and the ability to work closely with coaching staff to optimize player performance.

At Leeds United, this role has been particularly important given the club’s ambitious goals and the physical demands of the Championship and Premier League seasons. Maintaining player fitness and minimizing injury downtime are key components of sustaining competitive performance levels. Rob Price’s departure means that Leeds United must act swiftly to ensure that these critical functions continue without disruption.

**Reflections on Rob Price’s Legacy**

Rob Price’s departure from Leeds United marks the end of an era. His contributions to the club have been substantial, earning him respect and admiration from players, staff, and fans alike. Price’s work behind the scenes often went unnoticed by the broader football community, but those within the club understood his value and impact.

The heartfelt message from Angus Kinnear underscores the significance of Price’s work and the respect he commanded at Elland Road. It is rare for a backroom staff member to receive such public recognition, reflecting the deep appreciation the club holds for his contributions.

**Looking Ahead**

As Leeds United embarks on the search for a new Head of Medicine & Performance, the club will look to build on the solid foundation laid by Rob Price. The new appointee will have big shoes to fill but will also have the opportunity to make their mark on a club with a proud history and a bright future.

For Derby County, the acquisition of Rob Price is a significant coup. His expertise will undoubtedly strengthen their medical and performance departments, potentially giving them an edge in their competitive endeavors.


The departure of Rob Price from Leeds United to Derby County is a noteworthy event in the football world. It highlights the vital role that medical and performance staff play in the success of football clubs. As Leeds United navigates this transition, the club will be keen to maintain the high standards set by Price and continue their trajectory of success.

Fans and stakeholders will watch with interest as both Leeds United and Derby County move forward. For now, Leeds must cope with the loss of a key figure and ensure that they continue to provide top-tier medical and performance support to their players, while Derby County welcomes a valuable new addition to their team.

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