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Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Are you ready to kick field goals in style? Investing in the best indoor soccer shoes will help you do that, while being the MVP of fashion.

By Lenny LegmanPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

Indoor soccer is the best way to keep your soccer skills going, even when it's not soccer season outside. It's really the best of both worlds. You get all the aspects of a regular soccer field, plus heat!

That being said, artificial grass is obviously not the same as regular grass—and that means you need a different pair of cleats that deliver the right amount of traction.

The right shoes can make a world of difference on the playing field. According to the experts, these are the best indoor soccer shoes for beginner players and experienced players alike. Plus, they can make a great gift for the soccer player in your life.

Adidas has made some of the best indoor soccer shoes for women, and a prime example of this would have to be their old-school Gazelle Sneaker. Featuring the classic "three stripes" design that has made Adidas shoes so recognizable. These snug, yet comfy, soccer shoes are ideal for ladies who love to bring streetwear to the field.

This is a perfect shoe for the lady futsal players in your life, or girls who love this classic Adidas look.

The Samba Classic, as it's known to sneakerheads, has become one of the cornerstones of soccer wear. It's not just one of the best indoor soccer shoes on the market; it's one of the best professional-grade soccer shoes in the world.

Everyone knows it, and loves its lightweight comfort. The rubber soles of this shoe design have been seen in commercials, streetwear shoots, and of course, plenty of indoor soccer games. Having Sambas is a great way to make sure you rock classic style in all its glory, while you score a goal.

Named to commemorate Messi's rise to fame as one of the best soccer players ever (and the wealthiest). Performance Messi sneakers are regularly cited as some of the best indoor soccer shoes ever made. They are known for being lightweight, breathable, and for having Agility-Touch tech in the shoe's upper.

Simply put, if you're looking for a quality shoe that will not let you down when the clock is ticking, this is a great option.

PUMA is one of the only companies to really pour in time, money, and effort into creating one of the best indoor soccer shoes on the market. Their final product is a men's soccer shoe that has become beloved the world over.

It's lightweight, has shock-absorbing technology, and comes with GripTex ankle lining for injury prevention. If you're looking for a high-quality soccer shoe that's designed for professional level use (or abuse), getting IT will be a wise choice.

Vulcanized rubber and a sleek design are what make the Momentta Vulcanized Sala one of the best indoor soccer shoes for men. Worthy of being called streetwear, and yet made with a lightly padded tongue and insole, this shoe is designed to keep you safe and comfy during your games.

We strongly suggest this for people who might be accident-prone. The herringbone tread gives you enough traction to prevent slippage during the game.

Adidas strikes again, this time with an elegant mesh sneaker that's perfect for men that like to keep their feet as cool as possible during a game. This particular mesh design is made to keep the shoe steady on your foot, which results in zero-move, perfect control over your kicks.

Winning your next match will never be easier than with this stylish pair of sneaks. Just saying.

Lightweight and comfortable, newcomer designer Diadora created a hit with the Capitano ID shoes. Regularly cited as some of the best indoor soccer shoes for ladies, these firm but highly breathable shoes are known for giving lady athletes the right amount of control for every step they make.

These are great shoes for ladies who want to stand out in a crowd, but still want the best performance, abrasion-resistance, and shock absorption, too. Better still, they're fairly budget-friendly, too!

Samoas are currently the world's 36th most popular sneaker, and also happen to be sold in men's, women's, children's, and babies' sizes. Why? Because they are classic, in terms of style, because they're comfy, and also because they are some of the best indoor soccer shoes around.

Chances are, if you're reading this article, you already knew this. Right?

Finally! A major sneaker label that isn't Adidas or PUMA! Right? Well, here's the scoop on Nike's offering on this list of the best indoor soccer shoes...

The TiempoX is designed for two things: control and breathability. In other words, you can expect your shoe to be exactly where you want it to be when you move, and you also won't have your feet dying of a heat stroke inside.

They're also stylish and deliver a wonderful in-shoe feel. If you're someone who insists on the right texture, you'll enjoy a pair of these.

The Nemeziz 17.4 IN is the last item on this list, and much like the other soccer shoes we featured, is designed for comfort, breathability, and control. However, that's not why we chose this for our list.

The reason why is because they're gorgeous, and we believe them to be some of the best indoor soccer shoes for people who insist on making a fashion statement wherever they go. Fair? Not really, but hey, it's our list.

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