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Best European Soccer Jerseys of 2017

It's always a bidding war to get into the uniform, so check out some of the best European Soccer jerseys of 2017.

By Joseph FarleyPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

Jerseys are important in sports, especially European soccer where the jerseys aren't just used to express the team's spirit, but to also promote corporate advertisements. Some may think this is ruining the sanctity of the uniform, however, when done right the best jerseys avoid looking like simple billboards. So, what are the best European soccer jerseys of 2017?

For starters, there is a ton of money to be made in soccer, and even the richest players in soccer look poor when compared to some of these major jersey deals. With close to a billion dollars on the line, these designers better come up with something great and eye catching. In the case of the best European soccer jerseys of 2017, that is precisely the case. See some of them right here.

The Barcelona home uniform is a classic look for one of the most respected teams in the world and a perennial La Liga contender. They are a deep blue with red stripes and, of course, showcase the sponsor heavily across the front of the jersey: Rakuten. Rakuten is a multi-billion dollar Japanese internet company, and their logo is bigger than the Barcelona crest.

Still, this look is classic and tastefully done, easily one of the best European soccer jerseys of 2017. You can see Lionel Messi, one of the best La Liga players of all time, sporting number ten in one of these on the pitch.

Arsenal plays in the Premier League and they are regularly among the elite teams, winning the league title an impressive 13 times. Their red home uniform is among the best European soccer jerseys of 2017. The body of the jersey is blocked out in red, with the sleeves being a crisp white. The Arsenal crest is above the heart, and their main sponsor, Emirates Airlines, runs across the center of the chest.

Playing in the top flight German league Bundesliga, Bayern Munich is the most successful German football club of all time, and are a regular in the Champions League. The handsome jerseys are a deep red with white stripes running vertical, as well as white cuffs on the ends of the short sleeves. The giant T in T-mobile even blends in well and doesn't seem like an ad, making it one of the best European soccer jerseys of 2017.

The yellow jerseys that Juventus wears on the road really pop and draw the eye. The trim is in blue and the big J for Juventus is strategically placed above the heart. It also features stripes on the shoulders for added detail, and the Jeep across the chest isn't all that distracting, a big success for both club and sponsor, definitely one of the best looking European soccer jerseys of 2017.

These jerseys from Inter Milan look like they should be worn by a race car driver, mostly due to their sponsor Pirelli, who makes high-end sports tires. They are dark blue with vertical black stripes, and the short sleeves are completely blacked out.

The Inter Milan crest is placed above the heart, and it's a really classy look for a football club that has been competing in the top Italian league since 1909.

Juventus's home uniforms make them look a bit like jailbirds, but somehow the looks works and they are among the best European soccer jerseys of 2017. The white and black vertical stripes give off a chain gang vibe, and their sponsor, Jeep, is splattered across the center. However, due to the color scheme, it kind of blends in, giving the jersey a subtle look.

Manchester City's uniforms are a beautiful baby blue with a low key single white stripe running vertically from the armpit to the hip line. The distinguished Manchester City crest is above the heart, and its simple no frills look makes it one of the classiest European soccer jerseys of 2017. Their sponsor, Ethiad Airways, is stenciled across the front in thin black letters, not diverting any attention away from the football club.

You can't have a list of the best European soccer jerseys of 2017 and leave off one of the most popular clubs in the world: Manchester United. These red uniforms from the English powerhouse are downright regal, and the strong red body is contrasted nicely by the black and white cuffs on the sleeves. Up on the shoulders runs subtle white stripes, and their crest is where it should be — above the heart.

The Chevrolet cross almost looks like the holy cross on their chest, and the look is one any serious footballer should consider.

The home uniforms from AC Milan look like prison jump suits with a little twist — red has been swapped in for white. The result is an intimidating uniform, clearly among the best European soccer jerseys of 2017.

AC Milan has been competing in the top flight Italian league, Series A, since 1899. They have long been one of the most recognizable football clubs in the world.

Real Madrid, or Los Blancos, are widely recognized around the world for their plain white home uniforms. There is a light blue trim around the shoulders and armpits, but the uniform is largely white. The classic nature of Los Blancos makes them one of the best European soccer jerseys of 2017 — or any year!

Real Madrid is one of the most decorated football clubs of all time, and they regularly compete for titles in La Liga, as well as the prestigious Champions League, where their 12 titles are the high-water mark.

Stoke City's handsome home uniforms resemble the American flag, a look that is sure to turn heads. The red, white, and blue is interspersed throughout the uniform, making it one of the best European soccer jerseys of all time. They play in the ultra-competitive Premier League, where their only title came way back in 1972.

Lastly, West Ham's clean black uniforms with teal trim along the shoulders and crest have long been the envy of the Premier League. Their sponsor, Betway, is across the middle of the chest in a tasteful white, so nothing is taking away attention from the beautiful crest.

West Ham has been playing in London since 1895, and their glory years mostly took place in the 1960s. However, they are still a highly competitive club, and their current look is now one of the best European soccer jerseys of 2017.


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