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1999 – A wistful dream

1999 – A wistful dream Behold magic in thy heart, Fluffed with the softness that ensnares you apart. Be the change you wish to see, It was time to set yourself free.

By Hridya SharmaPublished 28 days ago 5 min read

1999 – A wistful dream

Behold magic in thy heart,

Fluffed with the softness that ensnares you apart.

Be the change you wish to see,

It was time to set yourself free.

Lina spent the last few days of her life terrified and panicked to save her family, she lived in the borders of Kashmir where the war was going on. She was the only bread earner of her family and in the past few days, they barely succumbed to the mediocrities of a middle-class family.

Being a 22-year-old girl, working as a manager in a small hotel, her salary would run the essentials of the household. Her father was a soldier who died serving their nation, she was the eldest daughter and had two other siblings too. When Leena was young her father would take her to a beautiful garden located near their Kothi. One day as she was running through the place, her leg tripped over a wooden stick and her knee was bruised. He lifted her and applied some mud over her wound.

Leena astounded to see her father do that, reprimanded him. He replied, “This is the sacred soil of the holy land we live in, it heals every wound that is ever inflicted on me, and it will heal you too. Leena jostled to the very present moment as her mother asked, “how much money is left with us?”

Leena teary-eyed replied, “Mother do not worry, I will soon find us a way out. Her mother cursed under her breath,” her father left us behind with only suffering.”

Leena heard it and could no longer contain herself. As she stepped out to open her window, all she could see was darkness all around. The darkness left her with no hope, shadows of grim and looms of verity. But as she looked above, the stars adorned the sky like the jewels of a new bride. She believed that her loved ones who leave the mortal world behind become stars. The fragmented piece of heart turned into a star too,

Looking at the sky, she prayed for a light of hope from the heavens high. Leena her mother shouted, as she ran inside.

There was a knock at the door. Chills ran down their spine, and gasping for courage she walked to the door. With a knife in her hand, she opened the door with jolting hands. As she opened the gate, it was the call of fate. Right in her proximity, stood a man six foot three inches tall. He had a lamp in his hand, smiling at Leena with a wide grin. He introduced himself, “ Hey, I am Aman, I am a soldier in the Kargil war, signaling to his batch.” He added, “We have to abandon this place soon, the intruders have stooped down to mass killing.”

Leena shook her head and with her mom and sisters left the house with all the necessary belongings. With an unknown fear of the uncertain man, she put the best of faith in him she can. They traveled the entire night and reached a base camp. Aman replied, “Now you all can rest. You are safe. Leena rested in the camp, as she saw Aman going somewhere alone at night. Leena was suspicious of his actions and decided to follow him. As she followed him, she reached a forest where everything was pitch dark. Looking for Aman, she lost her way. Faint noises were heard by Leena, as her heart raced. Leena started running as she bumped into Aman.

Aman held her intact and asked her why was she there. Leena asked him the same question. Aman smiled and replied, “ the reason is right behind the tree.” Leena traced her footsteps behind the tree where she found three kids eating. They were all bruised and covered in torn clothes. Leena asked them why were they there, Aman replied they are from the other country, abandoned by their families. They crossed the border and entered our country.

Wars are fought for the safety of the nation, but it doesn’t mean we do not care about the safety of these innocent children.

Leena moved her head in unison. They took the children to the camp and told everyone their families had been killed in the war. Months flew by, The war massacred millions of innocent lives. Leena and her family were living in the camp for a very long time. Leena and Aman grew fonder of each other. They spent time every night, sitting under the stars and talking about each other. As they walked by,

Under the moonlit sky, Aman held her hand and said, “ Marry me.” Leena was taken aback and she said, “But the war isn’t over, Aman replied, “ no matter how many days I get to live, I want to spend all my life in the days I am with you. Leena smiled and said, “ yes I will marry you.” As their fated day arrived, the news of war broke out once again.

Aman kissed her forehead and said, “ I will come back today before the sombreness of dawn kisses the sky. Leena replied with a faint smile, “I will be waiting.” The battlefield was bathed in the blood of the brave, corpses of the soldiers were daily buried in the grave. Every soul was terrified of their existence, Leena was wearing her life on her sleeve. Many soldiers were injured and as the night approached, there was no sign of Aman.

Leena grew restless. The battalion came in with no news of Aman. Leena’s heart sank as she saw his uniform fill in blood. Leena ran outside the camp and ran towards their favorite spot. And was struck by the thunder of shock. The entire camp was present there, dressed in army suits. Leena’s mother and sister embraced her as they led her, . Aman with a scar of bravery he wore with pride, Finally pronounced vows of eternal love with his bride.

Leena closed her diary as she cried tears of joy.

A young girl knocked at the door, “ madam the press is waiting for you!

Leena Malhotra signed her copy of her book that read “1999- A wistful dream.”

And the last page said, ”To the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered.”


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  • Yasemin Yiğit Kuru28 days ago

    `Wars are fought for the safety of the nation, but it doesn’t mean we do not care about the safety of these innocent children.` wow this really touched me

Hridya SharmaWritten by Hridya Sharma

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