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Those you do not know the mask knowledge

Is there more to the mask?

By GonzagaPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Those you do not know the mask knowledge
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The earliest mask was produced during the Chinese Tang Dynasty "a smile on the face of Yang Guifei", legend has it that the mask used by Yang Guifei was made of pearls, white jade, and ginseng in the right amount, ground into a fine powder, mixed with the best lotus root powder, blended into a paste and put on the face, both to remove spots and whiten, but also to remove wrinkles.

Is there more to the mask?

Texture division

Gel mask - a good skin condition

The gel mask is more of a deep cleansing of the skin using its physical action. Most of them are in the form of transparent gel, put on after half a minute into a film, to be dried, the film will be gently torn off while bringing out the pores of the dirt and clean the skin of the dead skin, promoting blood circulation and metabolism.

However, this type of mask is recommended for women with good skin conditions, because the gel mask is easy to cause symptoms such as enlarged pores and skin allergies, and hydration, the ability is not ideal. And in the use, must pay attention to the direction of sweat hair growth from the top to bottom of the uncover, and two to three times a week to clean.

The cream mask - sensitive muscle use caution

The cream mask generally contains deep-sea mud, various minerals, essential oils, and other nutrients. Apply the cream mask evenly on your face, it can not only effectively cleanse the skin, but also make the sebum soften, effectively lighten acne, and remove blackheads. However, there are many mineral ingredients in the cream mask, so it needs a certain amount of preservatives to preserve, so be careful with sensitive skin!

Cream Mask - Medium Dry Skin

The cream mask is much the same as the cream mask, but the cream mask is milder, soothing texture, but also has a whitening and moisturizing effect, is suitable for dry and normal skin people, sensitive skin can also be safe to use.

Fruits mask - not much utility

As the name implies, that is, with fresh fruit cut into thin slices or dairy products made of masks, there are often women will be used at home, this type of mask because there is no strict scientific chemical processing, so the molecules are too large, and not easily absorbed by the skin, so the effect is not great.

Facial patches - no deep cleansing required

This kind of mask is also the most common kind of mask we have on the market, the mask contains a high concentration of serum, quickly absorbed by the skin, with moisturizing whitening care and other effects. But it does not have the effect of deep cleansing.

Effect division

Moisturizing Mask

There are mud masks and cotton masks. The mud paste mask is suitable for all skin types of women, cotton is close to the skin, and both have the role of expanding the pores of the blood vessels, promoting the skin cells of the essence and water absorption and protection, to play the role of moisturizing.

Whitening masks

Whitening masks contain stable vitamin C, which can completely penetrate the skin and effectively whitens the skin and removes pigmentation. Usually, whitening masks are mixed with cleansing masks to enhance the whitening effect and improve skin firmness.

Revitalizing Mask

Revitalizing masks can wake up the skin, improve the lines, headlines, dark circles, and other undesirable conditions, not only can quickly replenish moisture, but also promote water acid and collagen is not easy to lose, making the skin more elastic.

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