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How do I take care of my facial cells?

Anti-aging, care and maintenance is the biggest triple obstacle on a woman's beauty journey

By GonzagaPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
How do I take care of my facial cells?
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Anti-aging, care, and maintenance is the biggest triple obstacle on the road to women's beauty, not maintenance of women always think that anti-aging is useless, after all, people will always be old, but it is just a matter of too early and too late, but the exquisite women will tell us with action, the world never because you are an angel and more favorable to you, but more prejudice and sharpening, but beauty and temperament in whatever situation will be invisible for yourself to get more opportunities.

You always want to wait until you have time to do care, so you often selectively ignore the various troubles of the skin, such as spots, discoloration, acne, etc. A good look must be maintained, no one cares about your age, look a few years old, good skincare, and young each according to their ability.

Anti-aging, care and maintenance is the biggest triple obstacle on a woman's beauty journey

Our skin cells are renewed every 28 days or so, red blood cells are renewed once in 120 days, bone cells are renewed about 4 years, the whole body cells are renewed 1-2 times a year, and the skin care products used are about 3-6 months before the initial effect. This shows that the maintenance of facial cells is far more important than the maintenance of the facial epidermis, after all, cell health will naturally glow fine skin, the root cause, and cure. So next I will discuss with you how to properly maintain the facial cells, I hope to help partners who have skin problems at the moment, as long as you persist, you will see the results.

Red and blue light exposure

When the facial cells are damaged, the skin will often appear dry lines, fine lines, and other wrinkles as well as thinning of the stratum corneum appear red blood, large pores, and other phenomena, the more serious the cell damage, the more obvious the above phenomenon will be, so that the overall look of the person is very old. This time we can use red and blue light to maintain facial cells. The light waves of red and blue light can kill the bacteria and mites in the skin in a large area quickly, to achieve the sterilization effect. In addition, high purity and high power red and blue light irradiation can directly change the structural system of the cells, to provide a suitable environment for new cells to grow, thus to a certain extent promoting the regeneration and repair of cells, the repair of facial problems is also a great help and effect.

Locking in moisture

The sebaceous glands secrete oil, while the sebaceous film is mostly a fusion of sebum and sweat secreted by the body, which covers our epidermal skin layer and is only 0.5 microns away from our real skin. However, the sebaceous membrane plays a very important role in locking in the moisture inside the skin, as well as immunity against external bacterial invasion. Therefore, when our facial cells are damaged, the first time we should do a good job of facial hydration and moisturizing, and strive to quickly repair the sebaceous membrane in a short period to build a good barrier, to further protect the health of the skin.

Sun protection and anti-oxidation

The accelerated damage to facial cells will make them look very old, and the sun's ultraviolet radiation will make our skin cells accelerate the division, the speed of skin metabolism of waste and toxins will also be accelerated, but the speed of cell division and metabolism has far exceeded the degree of cellular load, thus causing a burden on the skin cells, thus also damaging the entire facial cell system structure, and the aging caused at this time is irreversible. The aging process is irreversible. Therefore, it is important to protect the skin from the sun, avoid direct UV rays, and eat more antioxidant foods such as red meat, fish, and grains to slow down the aging of the skin.

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