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This is how you get rid of your bacne!

by Jiska Stuij about a year ago in skincare

No one likes the little pimples on your back, and it seems hard to get rid of. But do not worry, because here you can find the solution!

This is how you get rid of your bacne!
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A summer wardrobe is synonymous with bare shoulders and back. But if you suffer from bacne, we know from our own experience that it does not make you very happy. Certainly not if your puberty is far behind you or if you no longer have pimples but still have visible scars. With these tips you can wear your bikini or off-shoulder tops super confident again.

Bacne: what is it exactly?

The name already says it a bit, with bacne it is about acne that is on your back. Just like on your face, there are also glands on your back that produce sebum. When dead skin cells, bacteria and sebum come together, the pores become inflamed and pimples form. There are many sebaceous glands and sweat on your back, which makes pimples more common.

What causes bacne?

As with normal acne, it can also have a variety of causes on your back. Below we have listed the most common ones.

  1. Hormones, one of the most common causes is the hormones. These can cause your body to produce more oil and sebum in the skin and in combination with dead skin cells and bacteria it causes blockages and pimples.
  2. Friction, do you often suffer from bacne on your left shoulder, for example? Then chances are that you are used to carrying the handles of your bag on the left. Friction with clothing or accessories can also be a culprit. Also keep an eye on your detergent if this is not the cause.
  3. Sports. No, this is no excuse for not doing workouts anymore. Because sports are not the culprit, but what you do afterwards. It is best to immediately take off your sports clothes and jump in the shower before sweat and bacteria have the opportunity to clog pores.
  4. Genes. Unfortunately, some are also just a little less lucky and their skin naturally produces more sebum and the skin contains more bacteria. This is genetically determined. You cannot have everything.

What can you do about bacne?

The big question is of course: how do you get rid of it as quickly as possible? Better yesterday than today. Fortunately, there are several options for this. These are our tips:

  • Stay away from scrubs, which can sometimes stimulate sebum production
  • Use products with the same pH value as your skin (about 5.5) to keep the bacteria in balance
  • Also try your acne face cleanser on your back
  • Find products with salicylic acid, tea tree, sulfur. These remove oil and bacteria that block the pores.
  • After cleansing, don't forget to hydrate with an oil-free formula
  • Make sure you get enough vitamins, especially vitamin A is recommended

How can you prevent bacne scars?

If you finally have the inflammations under control, the damage has already been done. Fortunately, you can also do something to stop the scars caused by bacne.

1. Backpacks

You probably remember from your years as a bridge squeaker how badly a backpack can scour. But no matter how hip your copy is now, if you suffer from bacne it is better to look for another bag. The friction ensures that the acne will ignite in such a way that it causes scars faster.

2. Breathable clothing

By wearing breathable outfits, sweat and heat do not linger, which is positive for the recovery of your skin. So choose cotton instead of synthetic fabrics.

3. Don't touch

This is probably the trickiest of them all: don't touch your pimples and don't squeeze. As tempting as it can be, you often damage the skin, leaving permanent scars.

4. Do not sunbathe

Some think that the sun is good for acne and the scars. But it actually enhances the redness and pigmentation that the acne leaves behind, leaving the scars longer and more visible.

Do these options not help? Then check whether lasering, chemical peels, retinoids or micro-needling / derma-rolling is for you.


Jiska Stuij

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Jiska Stuij
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