5 recipes that are easy (and tasty) to freeze in

Who truly wants to cook after a long day of work? Exactly, no one. With these recipes you only need to heat up your food, and it is delicious!

5 recipes that are easy (and tasty) to freeze in
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When we are at home so much - which can be quite tiring - you may not feel like trying complicated recipes or cooking any food at all. Not very natural, because that way you can also support the local entrepreneurs by ordering food. It's a different story for your wallet.

Extra nice if you can reach for food that is still in the freezer. These are our five favorite recipes to freeze. Enjoy.

Recipes to freeze

Frozen meals are not only good for your wallet, but also the answer to the question of what is eaten (and who will prepare it). So ideal. Soup (like this zucchini soup) and fruit are always good to freeze, but you can easily freeze casseroles and other meals. In general, dishes that you can prepare a lot of extra are ideal for freezing. These are our five favorites.

1. Baked potatoes with meatballs

Potatoes with meatballs is of course already a golden combination, but what about meatballs and tomato sauce? This dish is an oven dish that contains potatoes, meatballs and tomato sauce and that you can easily freeze.

For four people you will need:

- 400 g of floury potatoes

- 500 g mixed minced meat

- 4 tbsp tomato ketchup

- 1 onion

- 1 garlic clove

- 400 g chopped tomatoes

- 200 ml tomato passata

- 4 tbsp breadcrumbs

- 1 egg

- nutmeg

- pepper and salt

- basil

- 20 g of butter

- 8 cherry tomatoes

- 50 g of grated cheese

2. Chili con carne with bean mix

Speaking of easy dishes. This chili con carne is very easy and tasty. Put all ingredients together in the pan, let it simmer, cool and freeze.

These are the requirements:

- 1 onion

- 2 garlic cloves

- 1 red pepper

- 3 small cans / jars of beans or 1 bag of bean mix

- 400 g of tomato cubes

- 200 ml of vegetable stock

- 1 tbsp chili powder

- 2 tsp cumin

3. Potato lasagna with bell pepper

A lasagna that you make without lasagna sheets? It exists. You can easily replace lasagne sheets with potato slices. It will take you a little longer. If you make extra for freezing, you can of course also enjoy it longer. Extraction.

For two people you need this:

- 400/500 g of potatoes

- 200 g of minced meat

- 1 bell pepper

- 200 g of leek

- 1 onion

- 1 clove of garlic

- 1 can of tomato paste

- 400 g of tomato cubes

- pepper and salt

- 1 tsp paprika powder

- 1 tsp basil

- 1 tsp oregano

- 1 hand of grated cheese

- bechamel sauce (can also be made by yourself)

- 1 red pepper (optional)

4. Homemade frozen pizza

Do you like a pizza from time to time, but you don't find ready-made frozen pizzas that match a homemade version? Then this recipe is for you. Believe us, when you have made this you want there is always a homemade pizza in the freezer.

These are the requirements:

- 500 g pizza dough

- 120 to 240 ml of tomato sauce

- 300 to 450 grams of vegetables (think leftovers or onions, mushrooms, bell pepper, salami, bacon and red pepper)

- 100 to 200 g of grated cheese

- baking paper

- rolling pin

- plastic foil

- aluminium foil

5. Tomato rice with chicken

This one-pan recipe is not only tasty to freeze, but also budget-friendly.

For four people you will need:

- 250 g of quick-cooking rice

- 150 g of white cheese

- half a block of chicken stock

- 400 g of tomato cubes

- 1 red onion

- 400 g of chicken

- 1 cucumber

- pinch of paprika

- pinch of oregano

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