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Microblading is one of the most popular semi permanent make up used all over the world. The idea behind microblading is to use a very small, sharp tool to scratch little lines into your brows to make it look like individual natural hair. My eyebrows have always been very weak and I couldn't even scratch my brow skin because I'd lose my hair (eyebrow hair) and create little holes.I have tried to apply some aloe vera, which worked, but not as much as I needed to have proper thick eyebrows. Every time I used makeup, I had the same reaction as when scratching them, so I decided to search for a semi permanent option. I couldn't spend too much, so I went on Groupon, but I recently found out that Treatwell has very good deals too, and I found a good deal. I went for the patch test, which is very important because it tests if you have any allergies related to the treatment. Then I went for my first session. The beauty therapist applied some numb cream on the aera she was going to work on and then we realized that there was a little misunderstanding: she had booked somebody else, but told me to come because she thought I was that person. So, my numb eyebrows and I went home... The day after I went back and we finally started. The beauty therapist applied the numb cream again, I waited for 15 minutes, and then she drew lines and made my eyebrows symmetric. After that I chose the shape I liked, but it was very easy because she followed the natural line of my eyebrows. Finally she started. I have to be very honest: It felt weird, but it wasn't painful. I could feel scratching, but not the pain. She was giving me little breaks (to drink some water, or go to the toilet, etc...) and I was looking in the mirror at the progress.When we finally finished my eyebrows looked very dark and thick, but she said straight away that it wasn't going to be like that, they will fade. She advised me to book a touch up, and she gave me a healing cream to apply four times a day for four days and the aftercare sheet. The next week was a little bit of a pain because I couldn't wash my face properly, I had to go to work with shiny and greasy eyebrows (because of the cream), and I couldn't shower as I usually do because I had to be very careful. Today is the 8th June 2019 and they are still a bit itchy. I have been told that the touch up is the most important part because they will get back all the colour and look naturally thicker.One more thing: make sure you use sun cream, because the sun will fade the colour and you will have wasted time and money. I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience with microblading. I will add a second part in August after have done the touch up session.I apologise if there are any mistakes, but I am not English :) Good luck with your semi permanent make up :)

before the treatment

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