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Drag Models on Instagram Who Are Setting Makeup Goals

From Miz Cracker to Age of Aquaria, these drag models on Instagram put most women's makeup skills to shame.

By Sasha KonikovoPublished 6 years ago 12 min read

Did you ever wonder where the now-mainstream makeup technique known as contouring came from? Though Kim Kardashian popularized it, the truth is that she didn't invent it. Drag queens did, and used it to make their faces appear more rounded and feminine.

These days, drag models are all the rage. People love to look at their techniques, copy their makeup styles, and join into the drag fandom online. They're stylish, sassy entertainers who bring out the best of makeup's potential on a daily basis.

Makeup artists, in particular, love to follow drag queens on social media. If you want to see why makeup artists love to follow drag models on Instagram, take a look at these queens bringing #makeupgoals to a new level.

If you're a fan of high glam outfits and epic eye makeup, then you will love to follow Farrah Rized. Rized's specialty is adding a touch of old school glitter-glam into her outfits, makeup, and hair. If you love the look of a hyperfeminine drag queen with a bold sense of style, you will want to follow her on Insta.

Rized remains one of Rupaul's best drag queens to follow on social media because of her great taste.

Aquaria is one of the most provocative drag models on Instagram—and that's saying something. She's known for having a very spacey, airy vibe to her that only enhances her ethereally pretty looks.

When we saw her on Rupaul's Drag Race, it was clear she has a lot to offer. Along with having some of the best makeup looks on Instagram, Aquaria often features full-body outfit shoots that really emphasize her gorgeous body and great sense of style.

Miz Cracker is the type of model who loves to get a little quirky from time to time, and to a point, that's what makes her so likable. Known for her big blonde hair and her very pinup-y style, Miz Cracker tends to be a great source of inspiration for models and makeup artists who want to perfect their pinup.

People who check out her Instagram will get to see amazing pinup poses, beautiful makeup, and plenty of retro glam. It's eye candy, to the max.

That epic eye makeup! Those cheekbones! It's pretty clear why Kameron Michaels is one of the hottest drag models on Instagram. She's not only capable of wielding a makeup brush like a pro; she's absolutely gorgeous.

When she works her makeup magic, Kameron Michaels has the ability to transform into anyone she wants to. Her best makeup look so far, in our opinion, is her amazing transformation into Cher.

Fans of Rupaul's Drag Race will tell you that Blair St. Claire is one of the most popular models from the show. Surprise—she's also one of the most popular drag models on Instagram, too.

If you love the show, her epic wardrobe, and amazing makeup looks, you need to start following her on Instagram. The shots she takes are absolutely breathtaking.

A little bit punk, a little bit flirty, and a whole lot of talent—that's Adore Delano. Though she's known for being one of the most talented drag models on Instagram's makeup scene, there's more to Adore than just a pretty face and a good grip on makeup.

Believe it or not, Delano's a music artist too! Delano's new music single is pretty bumpin', and her makeup is always on point. Give her stuff a listen, and you'll see why her fans love her.

Another fan favorite from Rupaul's Drag race is Monét X Change, and it's obvious why. She's got more style and pizazz that many other models in the scene. When you add that flair to her fiery personality, she's a role model for LGBTQ people and allies alike.

In terms of beauty, we love her eye makeup and ability to make her skin glow. It's radiant!

AJA has a way of pulling off the hardest looks effortlessly. From bright orange hair to extreme eye make, she just makes it look perfect. Unsurprisingly, her bold and daring makeup looks are often imitated, but never duplicated.

She's a rapper and drag queen who also has a very urban sense of style, so if you're a fan of streetwear, you need to check her out. She's cool like that.

Elegant, sophisticated, and a class act all the time, Courtney Act gained a lot of notoriety for her appearance on Rupaul's Drag Race. The cool thing about Courtney's looks is that they often work well on women who want something suitable for daily wear.

If you've ever wanted to get some daily makeup inspo from drag models on Instagram, the stately and elegant Courtney Act is the lady you need to be following.

1920s glam is Violet Chachki's strong point—and she really knows how to kill it. People who love seeing makeup looks that channel Theda Bara, Betty Boop, or Betty Paige will instantly see the influences they have on her makeup looks.

Fans who loved seeing her perform on Rupaul's Drag Race will adore seeing what she's up to on Insta. Neo-noir glitz never looked so good.

If you were a viewer of the sixth season of Rupaul's Drag Race, then you already recognize Bianca Del Rio as the winner of the competition. It was her wild stage personality and excellent fashion skills that made her famous.

That same over-the-top style has continued to keep her in Instagram's spotlight. If you're looking for extremely stage-ready looks, checking her Instagram account out is a great way to do it.

Not all drag models are known for sticking to traditional beauty looks, you know. One of the most popular drag models on Instagram, Trixie Mattel, is famous for her ability to add special effects into her makeup routine.

Surreal, cute, and at times, shocking, checking out her Instagram is a good life decision if you want to get some ideas for your next SFX look.

Known only as "Detox," this drag performer made a serious splash when she debuted on Rupaul's Drag Race. Ever since then, people have been going crazy for her cheekbone-enhancing contouring.

She's got a lot of flair, and regularly posts updates on her appearances, performances, and more.

It doesn't take a lot to realize what makes this bombshell one of the more popular drag models on Instagram. The redheaded cutie is known for posting plenty of fun photos of her hijinks online—and for giving amazing inspiration for redheads who love makeup.

Stage persona aside, this drag queen remains a fan favorite because she's always willing to talk about issues facing the LGBTQ community throughout the world. She's good looking and has a great heart.

Kimchi Chic is excellent makeup inspiration for anyone who wants to learn how to contour, add volume to lips, and wear special effects eyelashes flawlessly. Just look at her, and you'll understand why.

But, she's more than just inspiration for makeup. Kimchi Chic also has the honor of being one of the few drag models on Instagram to double as a fitness model.

Ever wonder how you could transform yourself into Beyoncé? Shangela already seems to have the answer, as you can see from this photo. That glamorous look would make anyone turn green with envy.

When she's not just looking absolutely stunning, Shangela works as a comedian, actor, and the president of her own entertainment company. That's pretty awesome, and all the more reason to follow her Instagram account.

Though she just recently turned 49, the sheer positive energy that PantiBliss delivers remains youthful as ever. All things considered, it's not surprising that she's become a major inspiration for women and men who want to stay youthful and sexy.

Her makeup is always on point, and her hair remains epically coiffed at all times. Is it really that shocking that she's one of the coolest drag models to follow on Instagram?

Very few people in the world can look as delicate and innocent as Asifa LaShore—and yes, she channels that look through her makeup. Perfectly flawless foundation, natural-looking eyeshadows, and ruby red lips are her trademark look.

Anyone who loves the idea of old school exotic beauty shoots need to see her on Instagram. Her work is phenomenal.

High glam and opulent eye makeup are what make Monique Heart's look pop. She's the type of drag performer that really goes hard on the "diva element" of makeup, and to a point, that's what helped her launch to stardom.

Though most of us don't have the skill to get that level of contouring effect in makeup, her photos are still amazing for stage makeup inspiration.

She's got talent, beauty, and way better outfit skills that most people in this world. She's Alexis Mateo, and you're going to love her. Bold foundation contouring and bright eyeshadows are what she's best at when it comes to makeup.

That being said, she's a straight up makeup guru. It's legit impressive.

Known for being one of the sweetest divas in the drag queen scene, Miss Peppermint's makeup, hair, and nail talent would put most salon owners to shame. She's the type of performer who never shies away from adding gems, crystals, and rhinestones to the look.

With Miss Peppermint, you never can really know what to expect. Sometimes she looks punk, other times, she's more of a princess. That unpredictable flair is what makes her one of the better drag models to follow on Instagram.

Like many drag models on Instagram, Manila Luzon has a major interest in using makeup to transform herself into a wide variety of different personas. Her work, though, really exceeds the common standard of transformation.

Take a look at her work when she decided to turn into Cruella deVille. She's good. Real good.

Milk has a tendency of being a shocker, even among drag queens. Part of the reason for her ability to turn heads and drop jaws is her makeup skills. The other part of it is the fact that she never avoids coming up with darker motifs for her photoshoots.

Rupaul's Drag Race was where she first started to hit the big leagues. That being said, she has way more to offer than just an appearance on the drag race.

With a name like "Mayhem," you better bet that this performer will do what she can to make a major splash in any scene she enters. Fiery as can be, this girl always makes a point of added some wildness to her performances.

When performing on Rupaul's Drag Race, her makeup and hair always manage to make a splash. That's what makes her a fan favorite and a great source of makeup inspo.

Miss Fame isn't just one of your typical drag models on Instagram. She's one of the first drag models to get official model representation from a major agency.

She's done work via both Wilhelmina and IMG Models, giving her an epic example of how far you can go if you have the looks and talent. No matter how you slice it, she's an amazing model.

SFX makeup artists and fans of extreme hair will love the quirky, hilarious, and downright awesome Thorgy Thor. Though she's known for her eccentric (but cool) makeup looks, what really makes her beauty glow is her positive energy.

Fun, carefree, and always glamorous, anyone who wants a ray of sunshine in their lives needs to give Thorgy a follow.

One quick look at Shea's Instagram selfies will give you ample reason to follow her. Excellent use of eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick are what help her bring a touch of elegance in every look she does.

That being said, her extreme eyeshadow and eyelash looks are definitely a sight to see. Seriously. How does she make her lines so sharp?

When it comes to Vogue-style makeup, nobody in the drag scene does a better job than Trinity. Her elegant contouring, striking color palettes, and amazing ability to match looks to her outfit are enviable—even among industry pros.

It's unsurprising that many of her fans are makeup artists who just really want to know how she gets the inspiration to put her looks together. Slay, girl, slay.

When Asia O'Hara first appeared on the Rupaul's Drag Race, she sashayed into our hearts forever. A true fan favorite, her ability to work makeup, hair, and fashion into a celebration of life is something that has become very heavily noted.

Recently, Asia has started to get into the music scene, and truth be told, she's great. Fans need to check out her Instagram to see she's up to. You might be surprised!

It's really hard to put Naomi Smalls into a box—and not just because she enjoys having big hair! She's a makeup magician who really knows how to transform into a bunch of different looks.

Beauty fans will love the wide variety of different looks, and that means that you can expect a lot from her account in terms of inspiration, drama, and of course, fashion ideas.

Eureka O'Hara is large and in charge—and that's just the way we love it. She's got extreme makeup skills that most people only wish they could have, and that means that she's #makeupgoals all the way.

Her fans are so fond of her, she was able to make it to two different seasons of Rupaul's Drag Race. That alone is an accomplishment worth writing home about.

Vanessa Vanjie might as well be called the Contour Queen, and there's no joke about that. She has a way of using makeup to make her face look incredibly feminine and at the same time, perfectly drag-ready.

Between her excellent makeup skills and perfect outfits, you really can't help but fall in love with her looks.

Jujubee is one of the top performing drag models on Instagram right now, and it's not just because she looks sinfully good in a pair of heels. Her makeup game is on point, no matter where she is or what she's doing.

Her perfect pout, poofy hair, and ever-gorgeous eyelashes are enviable in any situation. Even among her fellow Rupaul's Drag Race contestants, she's been known to spark a little jealousy.

When it comes to inspiration for extreme makeup and hair, not many people can hold a candle to Dusty Ray. Known for her exceptionally dramatic purple eyeshadow look and for her gravity-defying hair, Dusty is never one to "blend in with the crowd."

We don't know how her hair stood up that high, nor do we know how she managed to pull off her makeup look so well. All we know is that we have to appreciate that kind of talent.

Cannabis activist and drag model Laganja Estranja really knows how to make the trippy seem tame—in the best way possible. Bright colors, excellent outfit coordination, and damn impressive highlighting techniques are what will draw you to her account.

Acid Betty is a one-of-a-kind performer, even when you're talking about the most popular drag models on Instagram. The reason why is simple: she really knows how to work bright colors, surreal themes, and amazing execution of tough concepts.

Between her amazing makeup and her irreverent sense of humor, Acid Betty's Instagram account is a must-see regardless of what you're into.

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