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We Should Be More Open to Unknown Musicians

Supporting Hardworking Unknown Creatives!

By DaSean BestPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

We are now in an era where anybody can make music and with the internet, it has become easier to make a living from doing what you love. There are really talented people going into a rut and quitting their passion because they are not seeing signs that they can possibly make a living from it. Of course, we should learn how to market ourselves or hire someone to help, but, the listeners can help a great deal too.

Listening to the Unknown

Sometimes we see creatives post links to their work and we may not click on it because of how many we see in a day. If you are scrolling on Twitter and your friend retweets an artist that have never of, you probably are not going to click on it. Now, if that same friend retweeted a song by someone already popular, there is a higher likelihood of you clicking on it. Why is that? People can never hear of an artist but will listen if everyone is talking about them (which is how it should be). If a person sees an artist that they have never heard of, they assume that it just is not worth the listen.

I have heard people say "If they do not have an audience then they probably suck." Honestly, a lot of artists may not have audiences because they do not know how to market themselves, they are just starting out, or they just suck. By giving unknown artists a chance, you not only find new music to listen to (if you like them), but you also give them the confidence to keep going. If somebody just gained the confidence to release the first song that they worked hard on, seeing it get a few likes and listens will motivate them.

Sharing the Music of Your Favorite Unknown Artist

An artist should definitely learn how to market their art. Sometimes artists do not know how to or they might not have the money to hire someone to market it for them. If that artist is good and has at least one fan, that fan should tell his friends. Once that fan tells his friends, those friends should then tell their friends and so on. This can definitely let the artist know that they should keep putting out projects. If they are on Youtube and get money from ads, your help in sharing could help them make a little bit of money so they can pay and market their music. At the end of the day, you helped someone get closer to their dream all because you took a chance on their song.

I am not saying that if you do not like an artist you should share their music. You should only share the art of people you actually think are good. If we did live in a place where everyone just shared anybody's music just because they are an unknown artist, there would be a lot of famous people that did not really work hard to gain an audience. If an artist notices that their art is not really gaining attention, they can then look into how they improve in order to gain attention. Only share the music you like and not music you don't. Just because you don't like someone's music does not mean that other people will not share it. Someone you could've given a chance but did not like could still gain attention from the millions of other people that do like them. Just like someone that you do listen to and do share still may not gain attention, simply because millions of others did not like their art. Sharing music does not guarantee an artist gaining attention, but it might help.

This also does not just go for musicians. It is for all kinds of art. Just give artists a chance.


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