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Top 5 Five Best Vocal Performance By Andrew Lawrence

thats right ya girls back with another andrew lawrence support story haha, this is the top five of andrew lawrences vocals and my good lord are his vocals beautiful to the point you will melt trust me :)

By Hannah J MyersPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Screen Grab From A Live Performance On Youtube.

Good Morning Vietnam.....I mean hi there guys welcome to the i will break down my top five favorite Andrew Lawrence vocal Performances in my opinion i love all his music but these are my top five.

Lets get right into it.


Screen Grab From Kings March Music Video- Andy Lawrence Youtube Channel

Number Five: Kings March,

EP: Kings March

Ok so Andrews EP released in November 2016 is called Kings March and the title track which appears twice on the EP, the original and a stripped back Acoustic version, so the song its self is fantastic its about a typical love story about, and this is how i interpret it about a King finding his Queen and trying to make it back to the one you love and why it is important not loose that person when they mean so much to you.

Go listen, you will not regret it and wait for the drop towards the end and the soft gentle whispering vocals.


Andy Lawrence, Kings March Album Cover.

Number Four: I Got You

EP: Kings March

ugh this song wow, and the Rifft just after the first chorus Wow this song is just beautiful, this song is so heart warming it is again interpreted it to be about a guy who can not get the girl that he loves of his mind and she is just constantly the, andy's vocals on this song is beautiful heck andy's vocals in general haha, go listen for yourself honestly you will not regret it.


Still 3 Loose Myself Single Cover.

Number Three: Loose Myself

now we all know and if you didnt why not, we all know the Lawrence brothers can sing. so back in 2019 andy formed a band with his brothers called Still 3 and there debut single, Loose Myself was born for all to hear there glorious voices, but andy's really stood out in the pre chorus run leading up to the 2nd chorus, go check the song out available on all streaming platforms.

they also have a song released in 2023 called- Cloverfield.


Screen Grab from Youtube Cover

Number Two: Sail (Cover)

on his youtube channel andy covered 'Sail' by AWOLNATION and this cover was just him and his guitar and what he can do with is vocals and honestly, i am not lying this cover is one of the best covers i have heard and i am in love with this cover, his vocals are just on point in this cover go and listen for yourself if you don't believe me honestly you will not regret it.


Screen Grab for Kings March Ep

Number One: Moonbeam.

this song THIS SONG there is just something about this song that makes me feel warm and fussy and makes me want to listen to it over and over again and if you listen for yourself you will understand why, this is just a fantastic song with soft vocals and low tone of vocals it takes you on a very emotional journey its beautiful. i love it and i am sure you will too.

ok that completes this top five Andrew Lawrence vocals, he has way more songs than this which i will do an honourable mention for down below honestly this guy is beautiful creative and outstanding individual soul.

-------------------------HONORABLE MENTIONS------------------------------

Andy also has a lot of songs, you all need to go and listen to them as well as the top five i have broken down.

1, Numb- Released in 2023

2, Moondust

3, I Can't Stop

4, Hurts Me

also go and sign up to the BROTHERLY LOVE PODCAST ON SUPERCAST you can gain access to a lot of new content like music and uninterrupted podcast episodes of the podcast.

i will be back soon with something special for Andy, just a little something i got a little nervous over but then i didnt care so i wanna post it stay tuned.

Until the next one BYE FOR NOW !!

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