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Top 5 Andrew Lawrence Characters He Has Played.

So we all know who Andrew Lawrence is right?? Well you may know his Older Brothers Joey Lawrence (Blossom) and Matthew Lawrence (Boy Meets World) But Andrew is Equally as talented as an Actor/Singer/Producer/Writer and Director. Yes!! Not a triple threat a quintet-threat but you get where I'm coming from.

By Hannah J MyersPublished 27 days ago 4 min read
Screen Grab From Love On Repeat

So Andy has been in a whole lot of films, he is insanely talented in his own right as well as when he's in films with his brothers.

in this Top Five i will breakdown My favorite all time roles i love andy in there is two TV shows and Three Films, i may do a part two because god knows this guy is extremely talented and will have a lot more roles and music to come.

We love Andy Lawrence!!! who doesn't well i do.

If your still here Hi, Carry on reading :)

Now i know Brotherly Love should be on the list i loved it a lot i truly did but these roles are the one's that are lesser known to people and are solely based on what andy has been in solo other than one of them, that i think will stand out and people should watch.


Number Five

Movie: Brothers Of The Frontier

Role: Jamie Frye

Year: 1996

Andrew plays the younger brother of three brothers (the older brothers are played by Matthew and Joey) the three brothers get separated from there parents and have to live in the wilderness while trying to find there mum and dad again this film cute when you remember that they are real life brothers and there bond shows in this film too.

Andrew just shines as one of the cutest kids going the gummy smile and the littl lisp because he doesnt have front teeth is just the cutest most heartwarming thing going, its beautiful to watch brothers bond but andy is just doubly cute in this film if you haven't seen it go watch it Trust me.

Screen Grab From Brothers Of The Frontier


Number Four

TV Show: United States Of Tara

Role: Jason Maurio

Year: 2009-2011

Andrew played Jason a boy that the main protagonists son had a crush on, the programme follows Toni Collette's (Sixth Sense) character as she suffered with dissociative identity disorder, he plays a Bisexual character still discovering his sexuality.

he plays this sweet authentic teenage character and it great seeing his versatility with in this role, and it shows who he is as an actor and he is super handsome in this tv series too, i wont spoil the rest for you i will let you watch it for yourself to discover why i loved him in this role.

Also check out the Brotherly Love Podcast for a funny story about a kissing scene lets just say, it involves Seaweed.

you may recognize the sister in this as none other than Captain Marvel herself Brie Larsen.

Screen Grab from United States Of Tara


Number Three

TV Show: Hawaii Five O

Character: Eric Russo

Year: 2010-2020

Andrew played a forensic lab technician and the nephew of DS Daniel Williams his character is a cheeky chappy type character, sort of a serious yet Jersey jock guy and well he is quite funny in this role go watch the series if you don't believe me.

Andrew played this role really well and he fitted into the programme so well it was the right casting choice for this character, it showed andy's playful funny side and showed his cheeky charismatic side, i just loved him in this role go watch it for yourself, all though his character first appeared in season 3 he didn't become a prominent main recurring character until. season's 6,7,8 and 9.

hawaii five O fandom wiki page.


Number Two

Film: Love On Repeat

Character: Charlie

Year: 2019

Andrew plays a hopeless romantic in this film who is secretly in love with one of his co- workers and tries to tell her, but she is wanting to get back with her ex boyfriend and makes a wish and ends up living each day on repeat. (watch i don't want to spoil it)

Andrews character in this is just the sweet geek type office guy is the only ay to describe it..he is just so lovable and sweet in this role, that is all i can say i just love this film but that is because i love sickly romantic love movies what girl doesn't huh!,.

it also stars Jonathan Bennett (AKA Aaron Samuels from mean girls)

Screen Grab from Google.


Number One

Film: Better Than Love

Character: Jon


This film made me cry, andrew played a phanonimal role in this film, he played the friend of a drug dealer but wasn't part of that scene himself and stayed away from it until his friend got put away and to help he took over serving his customers while he was inside.

until his life , through his own addiction after an accident spirals out of control watch the film for the full story i loved this film i cried every time i watched it and seriously i think you will to.

Andrew played this part so well to a tee he showed his versatility once again in role he pulls at your heart strings and absolutely smashes the performance. also this film is very good at pointing out the hazards of the opioid epidemic.

the film also features Andy's real live French Bulldog MR SMEE as Rollie his guard dog, this was also another family affair as it also stars Matthew Lawrence as Davies and Joey Lawrence produced it so there you a 3 for one if you like haha.

Screen Grab from Better Than Love


so there you have it guys my top 5 Andrew Lawrence Characters if you haven't checked these out yet go check them out honestly i cannot recommend these films and tv shows enough.

also keep an eye out for more future write ups about Andy on here.

also maybe Matthew and Joey :)

Thank You For Reading!

Hannah Xo

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