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My Top Five Charlie Puth Songs Ranked From 5 to 1

i am a massive Charlie Puth fan and along with Skylar Astin i have been watching his TikToks and Instagrams.

By Hannah J MyersPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
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So like most of us Charlie has been bored during quarantine but he has been making a lot of fun beats but who knows could another album be on its way with all the spear time he has lately? Who Knows?!. Here is a run down of my top five Charlie Puth Songs.


Song:If You Leave Me Now (Ft Boys II Men)

Track Number: 7

Album: Voicenotes

this song gives me a nostalgic 90's vibe with its melodic R&B undertones and smooth voices of 'Boys II Men' added just makes it feel like it was made earlier than it actually Was, what makes this song a bonus is it features one of my top ten favorite boybands of all time, he released it as part of one of five songs he has released from this album this is seriously incredible song, Give it a listen if you haven’t already got the Voicenotes album.

4. Song: Losing My Mind

Track Number: 4

Album: Nine Track Mind

This song is so soul fall and so meaning fall feels like you go on a roller coaster of emotions with Charlie with this song, the way he has written the song and the composition of this song is so magical the first time I listened to this song I kind of got a little emotional not because it hurt me, but because it moved me so much and when a song moves you that much you know it’s a good one it may not be a famous one from this album but it sure is one of my favorites out of the whole album.

3. Song:Attention

Track Number: 2

Album: Voicenotes

This song makes you go through all the feelings of being used and people just being fake and just using you for attention, some people say this song was written by Charlie about one of his famous ex could this room be true and who could it be about, I like this song because it’s a funky upbeat song and once again shows off Charlies incredible talent as a vocalist and produce and also a human music machine literally he is his own incredible loop pedal and that outstanding the only other instrument involved in most of his work is a piano.

2. Song: Marvin Gaye (ft Megan Trainer)

Track Number: 3

Album: Nine Track Mind

This song along with video makes me feel like I am in the 1950’s, this song is a reference to the 1973 hit song ‘let’s get it on’ by ‘Marvin Gaye’ well that’s obvious because the songs called ‘Marvin Gaye’ jeeze hannah this lock down is really getting to you isn’t It, Anyway I don’t know why but along with the prom scene and Charlie singing on the piano with Meghan on the Microphone and the tone and rhythm of the music it really is a fabulous song, these two work vocally really well together I hope there is another duet by them either on Meghan’s future album or Charlie’s future album who knows.

1. Song: One Call Away

Track Number: 1

Album: Nine Track Mind

This song is my go to song when am not feeling great it just makes me so happy and also this is my go to song to perform on the karaoke ha-ha my mum and dad love this song too and every time it comes on we all start singing it, this song is my soundtrack to my life and it brings me and my family together, which is kind of nice in a way because it just shows even though my mum and dad like old songs there up to date when it comes to Charlie and they love his voice and it takes a lot for my mum and dad to like modern day stuff.

Anyway that was my run down of my top five favorite Charlie Puth songs this was really hard for me because I literally love every song on both albums, but this was my top five for now as it might change to other songs on the album but yeah here you go, man how relieved are you guys that this is not another Skylar Astin story, I mean I love them both so here is a different one for once ha-ha thanks for the support.

ALSO EVERYONE STAY INSIDE AND STAY SAFE, this is a trying time for everyone.

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