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This Girl is on Fire

by Kristin Johnson 13 days ago in pop culture

Why I admire Alicia Keys

The woman that inspires me that is African American, is Alicia Keys. There are so many reasons why I admire this human being. In the next few paragraphs I will explain to you why she is the best influence to women everywhere.

The first reason that I love Alicia Keys so much is because she is unapologetically herself. When she decided to go onto the Voice, she shined such a bright light. This was after the time she realized that she was uncomfortable when she was not wearing makeup. This led her to decide to go makeup free fully, all the time. It was taking over her identity, and that takes great strength to see. To see her bright shining face weekly on television, really spoke to my heart. She took a stand against those that believe that people in the media need to be perfect. Alicia stood up for every woman when she decided to be herself. It was something unheard or up until that point.

The second reason that I admire Alicia Keys is because she glows as a person. She is spiritually gifted at loving people. When I watch her on the show, she encourages those around her to share their giftings with the world. She speaks from the heart, has empathy for others, and offers her to support to anyone that needs it. She does not view herself as better than anyone, and is truly a humble being.

The third reason that I admire her is obviously her voice. Her voice is absolutely incredible, and the freedom she found in her music is inspirational. The lyrics are so powerful and hit deeply within your soul. Her words and songs are anthems to women everywhere. The songs will surely be stuck in your head forever, as they are truly remarkable and classic.

When people become famous, so often they become people that are the worst versions of themselves. Especially when people that are so young become famous too quickly. Alicia steered clear from all of that noise and focused specifically on her art and her destiny assigned to her on this earth. She began composing songs at the age of 12, and worked on perfecting this gifting. She battled with self-esteem issues her whole life and fought back in the most powerful of ways.

Alicia fought with Columbia Records to get her own creative freedoms. She fought with the industry when they tried to make her into an image of someone she was not. She battled with the ugliness of the industry and rose to fame by being herself.

On top of that, her philanthropic work is astounding. After being exposed to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, she continues to raise money and awareness for those around the world who do not have a voice or access to healthcare. She has worked with Keep a Child Alive for years, and continues to bring awareness to their cause.

Lastly, she is an amazing wife and mother. She has held a successful relationship with her family, despite the constant stresses of being in the bright lights. So to recap, she is beautiful, she is kind, she is smart, she is independent, she is loving, and she serves others. She is truly a remarkable gem and bright light in a challenging world. For these reasons, and so many more, she is one of the most amazing people and women in the media and world. I have no doubt that she will continue to break glass ceilings and inspire generations to come. She will continue to create her art, and to inspire others to share their own giftings with the world.

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Kristin Johnson
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