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Intervene with Intervention


My guiltiest tv show addiction is a toss up between Intervention and my 600-lb Life. I am not sure what draws me into these shows, but I can sit and watch them for fours on end, and never tire of them. I am drawn to the stories of heartbreak that leads them to their current situation. It truly reminds me the importance of not judging others and how every single person experiences some sort of traumatic event in their life.

I get drawn into every single story. Trying to relate to the human beings shown on my screen. It frightens me how easy it can be to derail your own life, and it empowers me to seek to better myself when I see how hard these people are working to better themselves. If the people in the show can do it, then why couldn't I do it? If they can take a small step to better themselves, then why couldn't every other person in the world?

The saddest part of everything, is that this show builds sympathy and empathy. It allows me to see others from their own perspective; shaped by their own past. Almost every single character is plagued with some sort of trauma. This is really what intrigues me the most. The fact that every single person has experienced some sort of extreme mental health issue, or emotional pain. Every single person has a trigger, and it goes to show the importance of being mentally healthy. It also allows me to reflect on my job, and realize that the majority of people I interact with have a story that I have no idea about. It is humbling to think that we encounter people every single day that we know little to nothing about. Then comes the component of time. We often do not have the time, or make the time to learn more about one another. It's saddening really.

Every single person is a good person, that had a life much different planned for them. It saddens me to see them get their lives so far off track, but also encourages me and gives me hope that they are living for another day. It just takes some self-discovery to realize that they are good. There is a lot of forgiveness that needs to take place whether it be asking or giving it. There is so much hurt that all people are carrying in so many different ways. This brings me to another show I love of Hoarders. You know the show where the people become surrounded by junk? The junk that brings them comfort after trauma? All of these issues are triggered by an event. I love to see the people working on finding their trigger, and taking small steps daily to get back to the person that they envisioned they would be.

I binge watch this show. I need to have an intervention from Intervention. However, I am so proud of every single person on that show. The people that do not see that they are still inside; stay strong my people. You are always one choice away from having a better life. I believe that fully. I wish we lived in a world where all people were given the support they needed, when they need it. Our society and our country is in a crisis when it comes to supporting those who have mental illness. We all need help. I am so thankful that they are so loved, and would do anything in my power to support them in their struggles. Any person at any time could have something happen that devastates them. All humans need to love one another and be considerate of this truth.

Give grace, and love big. You never know who may need you.

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