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2020 Album by Selena Gomez

By MissclickedPublished 10 months ago 3 min read

I am not quite the GEN-Z but I have heared people my age talking like ''which album of xyz artist are you living in or which era of tailor swift do you resonate with? (its majorly swifty friends that I have heard this from). When they ask me its hard to figure out because I live through different songs at different times in a day. In the morning I am like ''Now I'm shaking, drinking all this coffee , These last few weeks have been exhausting'' by Jeremy the evenings are like ''There's water in my boat , I'm barely breathin' , Tryna stay afloat , So I got these quick repairs to cope , Guess I'm just broken and broke'' by em beihold and finally the nights are complete playlist of sleep lofi. I think I have partial insomnia.

Recently, after having a lot of time in my hands (which I normally don't), I started listening to the RARE album by Selena Gomez and got completely hooked up at most of the songs. The album was originally released in 2020 but I didn't listen to a lot of songs initially but gradually listed to most like 70%. I rediscovered the album this year and started listening again. So here I will be describing my top five from the album. Here we go!!


The reason why this is my favorite song on her album is because I resonate with it a lot. Its actually like a comeback song of my life. When she says ''Took a few years to soak up the tears but look at her now'' it just feels personal. Although no better break-up is involved in my case. I play it whenever I am under burnouts to motivate myself that I came from the scratch and I am proud of the person that I am today.


There are definitely sad things about loosing some long build connections but trust me there are good things about the same as well. Sometimes in life you need to grab the door wide open and willingly tell people to leave. It always doesn't have to be a romantic relation it could be a spoiled friendship, a bad sibling etc. It is also completely okay if you cry over while remembering that hand in hand moments, the sound of their laughs, what they did to you and how miserable you felt. People will change from ''people you know to people you don't'' and that's life. Anyways this song is my favorite of all time.


Can we all just appreciate the fact how this song literally gives the RARE vibes like I feel ''RARE'' after listening this. It just makes me feel special. Also the way she says Raaareee... oooff! I can feel it up to my cochlea (exaggeration). The beats, the lyrics, the artist, I loved everything about this song. If I could just see her perform one song on stage this will be it!


Its the kind of song that made me feel single like 4589137 times. Don't get me wrong its beautiful, the melody, the lyrics, the rapping part everything is just perfect. The words ''Just us two, even in the crowded room'' chef''s kiss.

5. Ring

When she said ''Breaking hearts like a heart attack'' I knew Selena meant it. Well jokes apart another wonderful song that I listen on repeat. This is the kind of song that I think was based more about her life situations then.''Yeah, I received your message, all twenty-three (twenty-three) ,You know I'm Jordan with it, G-O-A-T''. If you are a regular on the internet you know what 23 means, anyways there is a lot of spilled tea I guess in this song or may be not. The secrets rests with Selena alone!

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  • Jazzy 10 months ago

    Not me about to head to spotify for this right now 🤗

  • Eshita Bhati10 months ago

    Currently, I'm just in love with "single soon" by one of our "common" fav- Selena Gomez ❤❤

  • I love this album! My favorites are Dance Again and People You Know!

  • M10 months ago

    I'm so happy to have read this. I've been recently obsessed with Selena and watching Only Murders in the Building.

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