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The Price I Pay by Billy Bragg

Unofficial Challenge Entry

By Frankie MartinelliPublished 16 days ago Updated 16 days ago 3 min read
Top Story - July 2024
Workers Playtime

The lovely lady I write about introduced me to Billy Bragg's music, and although his songs are usually very political (to which I am not). I am here to talk about his softer side, his album for lovers and romantics...well one song in particular and that is The Price I Pay from his 1988 (yes the year I was born) album Workers Playtime.

The Price I Pay was the very first song I heard by Billy Bragg, and what an introduction! It's a track filled with pain and loss, yet not bitter. It's about two people who have parted ways, and other people trying to turn his head and him not being interested. this song is unconditional love personified. They say if you truly love someone let them go. This song says just that, and although he may not be happy about it he'll be happy as long as his love is happy. SAME BILLY SAME! I'm not a jealous or a selfish person at my big age of 35 I've been in love once and once ONLY ! I will always love my love and she knows it too, but I'm not going to be spiteful just because things aren't going the way I want, but she indeed knows where I am, but I'm not going to pretend that now listening to a song we once listened to together doesn't feel strange when I now listen to it alone.

On the eve of my 33rd birthday in November 2021 we attended a Billy Bragg concert, and honestly it was the best concert I've ever been to! When he performed "The Price I Pay" you could hear a pin drop I think the fact that he sings with a thick Essex accent lends itself to the heartbreak of it all. It resonated very much with the Mancunian audience who are no stranger to pain and heartache. The concert affected me so much that I tweeted Billy (I'm not calling it that other thing) I told him the show changed my life, and it was the best birthday gift I thanked him, and to my surprise he replied in minutes!

A simple "Happy Birthday Frankie" , but you best believe I plastered it all over my socials! I've often been told I write like Billy Bragg, alas I am not from Essex and residing in Manchester my speaking voice is more Liam Gallagher than anything else! I get why people say it to me though Workers Playtime feels like Billy took the words right from my mouth certainly "The Price I Pay" feels like it's straight from my diary. I too feel like there is only ONE connection in each of our lives that makes us feel like we have been doing it wrong with everyone else that came before it. I'm so grateful that I've experienced that type of love from someone. I do believe it was unconditional on both sides no matter how things appear to be now.

There are many lyrics that are stand out ones, but none more stand out than

"That's the Price I Pay for loving you the way that I do"

It is a price when you are not the one that somebody chooses for whatever reason, but if it's real and true love you should always remain unselfish and respectful. The reason somebody leaves is not always because the situation didn't matter, sometimes people leave, because the situation mattered too much.

Great, I'm crying now....

I hope you have enjoyed my entry to this great challenge. I feel this song is too relevant to everything to ignore.

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Comments (8)

  • MelissaWolf7 days ago

    Nice work you have done!!

  • Rachel Robbins13 days ago

    Just had to check we weren't at the same Billy Bragg concert but I saw him in 2018 - it was the song Levi Stubb's Tears that silenced the crowd that night. Loved this and congratulations on Top Story

  • Sam Avery13 days ago

    Amazing excellent work.💝

  • Kendall Defoe 13 days ago

    TS time! 🏅 And a friend lent me "Talking to the Taxman about Poetry" as a kid. The 80s were cynical. Billy never was...

  • angela hepworth13 days ago

    Back to say congrats on a great top story!!

  • Cheryl E Preston13 days ago

    Thank you for writing this. I learned something new.

  • Andy Potts13 days ago

    Love a bit of the Bard of Barking. 'Don't Try This at Home' was part of the soundtrack to my college years (yeah, I'm a bit older than you!), and Kirsty MacColl's version of 'A New England' was one of the first singles I owned.

  • angela hepworth16 days ago

    Frankie, this was so, so powerful and so touching. The song completely encompasses your emotional strength and the utter respect you have for the person you love.

Frankie MartinelliWritten by Frankie Martinelli

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