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Frankie's Song of the Week: I'll Still Be Here by Leigh- Anne

It's been a while...

By Frankie MartinelliPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 3 min read

I don't know why I call these " Songs of the week", when these reviews are far from weekly! I know you are going to forgive me when you realise what an absolute jam I have for you. It is of course " I'll still be here" by Leigh - Anne.

Leigh - Anne was/is part of British girl band "Little Mix" (if you don't know, get to know). Her first solo offering is emersed in 90's vibes, (think TLC "Creep"), and although the lyrics are quite simple they are very powerful.

"Why you letting girls sit at the table"?

Makes me feel a little unstable"

"Shouldn't have to feel like that"

"I could do it right back, but I won't"

"Just to please your ego"

"That's not the person that I know"

I get the feeling here that she has an inner knowing that although her ex may entertain other people, she knows that it will never hold a candle to what they shared together. This song is about trusting the process and having faith in the universe.

" Even when the rain is pouring"

"I'll still be here, I'm not leaving"

"Here to catch you when you're falling"

"Even if we're ever in doubt "

"Take the time, go figure it out"

"Wake up in the early morning"

"I'll still be here, I'm not leaving"

This song is living proof that TRUE love is not jealous, selfish or controlling and it is very much unconditional, come on we all have that one person we would pick up the phone for at 3am even if you haven't spoken in a while (if you subscribe to me you know exactly who mine is). I have made my feelings very clear for her and she knows should she ever reach out to me she will be met with all the respect, kindness and love that I have for her with no judgement.

You caught me, yep the lyrics of this track pulled me in first as they describe exactly what I'm going through right now, and I challenge you to find me someone who doesn't identify with this, like I say we all have that one person.

Let's move on to the composition itself, you could easily mistake Leigh -Anne's vocals for Ariana Grande which is exactly the trap I fell into! I was pleasantly surprised when I realised it was not, and that lazy drumbeat will make you nod your head instantly! The chorus actually LIVES in my brain now, I'm not even joking. The track takes me to summer nights, hanging with friends very reminiscent of TLC's album "CrazySexyCool".

It is actually a gift that Leigh- Anne has managed to make us feel all ready for summer, yet so pensive at the same time. I don't think many songs are able to do that, but this song is a good blueprint should you ever want to try it. I know I try to do it, but its a hard skill to master.

Simple yet so many feels come to the surface when I hear this track, It offers me peace and tranquillity, and teaches us no matter the time or distance divine timing is definitely a thing and a person's gut feeling is no joke.

I'll put the YouTube link below, and everyone knows I love repetition, so please enjoy the lyrics from the song that really stick out to me.

"Even if the rain is pouring"

"I'll still be he here, I'm not leaving"

"Here to catch you when you're falling"

Take the time, go figure it out"

Wake up in the early morning"

"I'll still be here, I'm not leaving"


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Comments (3)

  • Andy Potts12 days ago

    Hey, you should definitely keep these songs of the week coming more often! I started my own 'playlist' series back in spring and I've found the discipline of trying to respect a weekly deadline has helped me stay productive (you can spot the most recent here: and ignore the hypocrisy of my not getting round to one this week!). How about sharing some of your own music?

  • angela hepworthabout a month ago

    I loved this!! I never listened to Little Mix besides knowing a few songs here and there but this one was amazing! Very reminiscent of TLC like you said, which I love.

Frankie MartinelliWritten by Frankie Martinelli

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