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The importance of The Beatles

A band from the 1960s Is still relevant in the 21st century

By Paige Published 2 years ago 3 min read
Paul, John, Ringo and George.

The Beatles, a band from Liverpool England popular in the 1960s all over the world have inspired people for generations. Sure they were a band long ago but they started the British Invasion that made other British bands realize they could make it big outside of their home country. Their songs are still very relevant today and many Gen z kids and teens are growing up with them. (The author included.)

The Beatles started out as the Quarryman band. Started by John Lennon and was named after the school he attended.

He met Paul McCartney on July 6th 1957. Both young men were in their teens and had no idea what was in store for them. They changed the band name multiple times over the next few years. Eventually they settled on the name The Beatles.

George Harrison one of Paul’s mates from school was invited into the band.

Then as time went on many different band mates came and went. Paul, John and George were the main ones for awhile and eventually they got invited to perform in Hamburg Germany with a host of many other bands. They met many other bands like Rory and the hurricanes. Ringo or Richard Starkey was in that band as a drummer.

The Beatles current drummer Pete best wasn't always reliable when needed. After disscussion with thier new manager Brian Eptsien they decided to let Pete best go.

Brian was unfortunatly tasked with telling Pete the news which Pete was very upset about and had to go find a new group to be a part of.

A lot of fans at first weren't a huge fan of Ringo but eventually grew to love him almost complety forgetting that Pete was ever involved at all.

Now that The Beatles had a new and improved drummer the hunt was on to get signed to a record company. It took a long while and they finally got signed by George Martin of EMI in London.

Soon they started to record lots of Albums and LPs. They started winning awards and doing interviews. They had number one hits with love me do, I want to hold your hand and many more over the course of the ten years they were together.

They did multiple tours throughout many diffrent countries like the US, Austrailla, Hong kong, Japan, and many more places. Fans were so rowdy and intense teenage girls often wet themselves, screamed really loud or fainted, or rushed the stage. The Beatles often had to escape through back doors in order to get into an armored vehicle

The Beatles made many albums, movies and many other projects. The first two movies are based on the albums. a Hard day's Night and Help were both a huge succes. The other movies they made weren't as succesful which includes the Yellow submarine and Magical Mystery tour but fans loved it anyway.

After years of being on top near the end of the 60s. Brian Eptsien died of a drug overdose. They hired a new manager who John lennon picked named Allen Klien, John, Ringo and George thought he was great. Paul Mccartney however realized Allen was bad news. It took a long time until The Beatles officially broke up but once they did things improved greatly for each member.

They started new bands, raised families and created new music and remained friends until John was shot in Dec 1980 and George dying of cancer in November 2001.

Paul Mccartney and Ringo starr remain friends despite all they went through. They still release new music and tour with bands of thier own.

Two of the members may be gone and the only new music we get are remastered, but they matter. The music has inspired many modern music artists and has helped tons of millenals and Gen Z through tough periods in thier lives.

The movies are entertaining and hilarious at times and watching all their interviews, seeing them play together, and just being best friends is beatuiful to see and even though we only have documentaries, books, articles, and stories from family. It still feels like we know a lot about John and George. They are just as important as Paul and Ringo are.

They all matter because they helped improve the music industry and all the projects they succeded at are just as important in the 21st century as it was when they first became succesful in 1963. The Beatles continue to inspire and will always be an important part of music history forever.


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