The Best Songs About Diamonds and Jewels

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Music and Diamonds. One can ask whether these two notions could have a common ground. They seem to be unrelated to each other, at least at very first sight.

The Best Songs About Diamonds and Jewels

If looking closer, it is easy to see their similar natures and missions. Both music and diamonds exist to make human life brighter, happier, inspired and motivated. They both are in close touch with human emotions, values, beliefs and exploits, existing in a shared associative array. Indeed, the true success of everlasting tandem between music and diamonds is determined by their complementarity: while music involves audio effect, using the symbolism of diamond in the songs allow visualizing the context. Here is the list of the best songs about diamonds, which across the years has impressed the listeners with the refined interplaying between sounds and contextual symbolical meaning.

“Diamonds Are Forever” by Shirley Bassey


It is one of the most sensitive songs involving the brightest human association with diamonds—true and reliable love. One can rebut this idea saying that there is no one word confirming it. However, let’s remember that the music is the art of activating the imagination through emotional appeal.

The song is a plexus of associations and symbols, which we have to decode intuitively. So, contradistinguishing the diamond and the men is nothing else than the art trick. By means of it, the author tried to highlight the women’s strong desire for having such reliable love like diamond was which:

“Could stimulate and tease… won't leave in the night… or might desert.”

Just free your feeling and imagination and you will grasp the true symbolic meaning.

“Give That Girl a Diamond” by Chris Rea

Individual magic

In a charming way, Chis Rea’s lyric reveals the inner beauty of the girl, who lightens his life as a diamond’s light and fills it with magic:

She understands what makes me smile…The peace that she makes me feel….How deep she goes—inside of me…

What a powerful representation of the feelings which one can experience only when being loved by somebody who really shares his inner values and makes him believe in miracles! Such affinity of the souls is usually associated with marriage.

Who knows, maybe Chis Rea meant his readiness to marry when singing “Give That Girl a Diamond.” Indeed, we used to gift the diamonds only to the chosen people for their individual magic changing our life.

“Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” by Marilyn Monroe

Eternal beauty

When speaking about music and diamonds, one could not avoid mentioning the everlasting anthem to the women’s beauty presented by charming femme fatale Marilyn Monroe. Her overall image, which is the standard of the beauty preserving its actuality across the years, accompanied by the half-joke words create a unique and bright context.

Marlin Monroe assures that the gone youth, faded natural beauty and men's preferring the young ladies are not the reasons for sorrow because the diamonds remain the best friends of women.

"Diamonds" by Rihanna


Rihanna's "Diamonds" could be called the modern anthem to beauty, which is as known as the previous one. Indeed, she represents a little different context when compared with Marilyn Monroe’s song. Rihanna accents love as a core factor for beauty.

She believes that true feelings make people shine from inside brighter than ever, shine like a diamond. Diamond, serving here as the symbol of the biggest human value, happiness, alongside the music rhythm make possible for the listener to feel the song’s mood in the smallest details. One can easily establish the link between the symbolism of a diamond and special feelings of happy exaltation.

“Flawless” by Beyoncé

Diamond’s flawless vs individual identity, exceptionality.

The song with socially urgent context raising the issue of female identity where the diamond is the symbol of flawlessness. Indeed, women often become the hostages of social stereotypes obligating them to be perfect while they need to be themselves, unique and exceptional.

The only voice the women should hear is the voice of their nature. Their fate is in being the unique self-confident personalities but not the diamond in somebody’s ring.

“White Diamond” by Kylie Minogue

Strength, endurance

The song is about Kylie Minogue’s personal battle with cancer. It shines with incredible inner strength and individual spiritual endurance, which the singer compares with the white diamond. She sings, “I'll shine on and on and on and on and on,” and listeners involuntary start share this assurance.

Those who have ever experienced the battle with the circumstances and polished all the facets of their personalities to the ideal condition should know what it means to be a white diamond.

“Diamonds on the Water” ny Enya

Spirituality, purity

Imagination produces an endless list of associations when listening to this lyric. Although the song is not wordy and diamond is mentioned just once, its contextual meaning and the music framing causes an incredibly powerful effect. Enya makes the bold accent on Nature and human interaction with Universe—“Listen to the river… the sound of summer…”—as if it is the only way to find all the needed answers. It seems that “diamonds on the water are falling from the sun” are here the symbols of revelation or insight coming from spirituality and the ability to put the right questions to nature. Good choice for meditation.

By the way, the last song challenges not only the philosophy of human being, but also the overall concept of wearing diamonds. We mean the latest jewelry trend man-made diamonds, which become more and more popular each year because of their environment-friendly nature. Not requiring the mining unlike their natural prototypes, the laboratory-created diamonds are endowed with the same features as the natural ones.

Reliability, magic, exceptionality, eternal beauty, spirituality, endurance, and happiness, which were mentioned in the presented songs as the core associations related to diamonds, could be equally applied to both natural and synthesized diamonds.

Modern high-technology facilities allow us to replicate the best natural characteristic of gemstones and avoid causing harm to earth. So, it is high time to think about environmental philosophy and pay attention to the eco-friendly jewelry items. Be sure that not one of the songs about diamonds would sound less emotional for you, and your fashion image would not lose its shine.

Maria Vikse
Maria Vikse
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