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Song Review: Meet Me At Our Spot (Willow & Tyler Cole)

by hiddenzzz 10 days ago in song reviews

Meet Me At Our Spot by The Anxiety (Willow & Tyler Cole)


Meet Me At Our Spot


The Anxiety (Willow, Tyler Cole)

General Review:

I just stumbled across the live version of this song and eventually fell in love with it. Why didn’t I come across this masterpiece before now? This song radiates the best vibes! It is one of those songs you play when you're on a road trip or on a long drive. It's so beautiful in a way that makes you want to speak about it. But at the same time, you can't explain it because it's that beautiful!

I love love love Willow’s voice. In this song, especially in the live performance version, her voice is so deep, magical and beautiful. I think that’s the reason I eventually loved the song. In fact, I love most of her songs, there is something unique in each one of them.

On the other hand, I love Tyler’s voice too. I’m not familiar with that guy. I’m in the process of exploring and so far, he is quite impressive. His voice goes in sync with Willow’s voice and they magically suit each other.

I’m currently listening to their album and they have such a unique style.

Favorite Lyrics:

But when I’m older

I’ll be so much stronger

I’ll stay up for longer

Meet me at our spot

I related to these lyrics. I believe that I will be able to stay up for longer when I'm older. I love staying up as much as I love waking up early in the morning. I know, it doesn’t make sense but I believe that both aspects are beautiful.

Caught a vibe

Baby, are you coming for the ride?

I just wanna look into your eyes

I just wanna stay for the night

I love these lyrics so much! But most of all, I love Willow’s vocals here, it caught me off guard.

When I go to sleep

I can’t even fall asleep

Something’s got ahold of me

Feel it taking over me

I didn’t lie earlier when I said that Tyler’s voice suited Willow’s because these lines are the proof. It's as if their voices were made for each other!

Who am I kidding… I love all the lyrics of this beautiful song!! The whole song is beautiful, the music, the lyrics and other all aspects. I just picked up the lyrics I was able to talk about and explain. As I said earlier, it's that type of song which you can't explain. Plus, I'm not really good at explaining

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