Okay, So Heads Will Roll

Just Dance, Dance, Dance Til You're Dead

Go ahead, admit it. You just danced in your chair when you watched the video. It's okay to admit that you dance in your car as you're driving it as well. What no one tells you is that you're getting some exercise (see, and you thought you were just having some fun) in the bargain. It is fun, and it's good for you, but how?

What's The Purpose Of Exercise?

I don't have to tell you what exercise is or why it's good for you. Your doctor probably preaches that at you the same as mine does. What no one might say is that exercise gets your heart pumping. A happily pumping heart carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the body to the muscles starving for them.

Exercise also burns calories. Did you know that even fifteen minutes of some type of vigorous exercise (d-dance, dance, dance til you're dead!) will burn calories for 36 hours? Do that four times per week, and you're on your way.

But, Really, Dancing?

Yes. Dancing. Do you remember the disco craze? We were on the dance floor all night, having a blast, and remaining slender. You'll notice that the majority of exercise gurus on their DVDs are dancing about at some stage of the hour long video.

If you're following along, I'll bet you're sweating while you're dancing. Remember Sweatin' To The Oldies? That's the point. Break yourself a sweat and get that heart a-pumpin', but have some fun doing it.

Can I Do This From A Chair?

Of course you can. If you can dance in a car, why not in a chair in the living room? The point is to do something physical hard enough to break a sweat and get the heart working overtime.

Those of us who have hurt ourselves thus interrupting our workout schedule will understand. You can actually work out from a chair, but lots of gurus don't tell you that you can do aerobics from a chair, too. Aerobics and cardioget the heart pumping, but it's hard to do cardio in a chair if you're hurt. So let's concentrate on dancing.

Okay, So Heads Will Roll

The song in the Glee video is a mash-up of Michael Jackson's Thriller and YeahYeahYeah's Heads Will Roll. If you've ever seen the show, you'll remember that Artie (in the wheelchair) danced all six years of that show. In a chair. So plug in your favorite mix tape, put on a CD you love, or turn on your favorite radio station, and let's rock!

First, get those arms over your head. You can do a vigorous “wave,” pump them as if you were in a mosh pit, or punch them as if you were kickboxing all in time to the music. Start out with at least 15 minutes of this and work your way up to 30 minutes of aerobics four days a week.

Next, let's get those shoulders involved. The heart is, after all, in the upper body, so whatever involves it gets the heart moving. Roll your shoulders, dip them toward the knees, or shrug them in time to the music. Combine this with moving the arms, and your heart will thank you.

Oh, and don't forget heads will roll. Be-bopping the head in time to the music is good for keeping the neck and shoulders fluid. Looking totally nutty is just a perk (dance like no one's watching!)

Okay, now let's combine arms, shoulders, and head in one huge rockin' move. Pump some life into it as suggested by the music. It will get your heart pumping, calories burning, and endorphins exploding. When you're back on your feet again, you can keep on dancing into peak good health. D-Dance, dance, dance til you're dead!

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