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Taylor Swift Reveals the Meaning Behind the Song in 'Sorrowful Poets'

The singer gave information about his record-breaking latest album

By Mobarak HosenPublished 26 days ago 3 min read

Following the Victims Unit's announcement, Taylor Swift used her power to release songs like 'Fortnight', 'Clara', 'Florida!!!' . On Monday, Amazon Music rolled out a streaming experience featuring Swift's reviews of her latest album. After releasing the surprise album, Swift described the 31-LP as "an anthology of new works that capture the events, thoughts, and emotions of a brief and devastating time—a time that is as poignant as it is sad. " Torture Unit became Spotify's most popular album with its message of fatalism or the song "longing, withdrawal, lost dreams", with streams exceeding 200 million in less than 24 hours.

"It's about the weird, scary kind of accepting and losing love," Swift said. "'Fifteen Days' I always thought this American town was where you thought the American dream would come true. You've been deprived of the person you love, and now you have to live day by day, maybe you wonder what it would be like. It's such a sad thought to see it again, so I wrote according toIn "My Son Broke His Favorite Toys, Swift added that the song metaphorizes a child's favorite toy until it breaks. Swift likens this example to the feeling of fragmentation in a broken relationship. "We're still stuck on No, no, no," Swift said. "You should have seen them when I first saw them." They will come back to this. They will come back to this. So it's like a song that's all about denial, so you can live in this world where there's still hope in a toxic, broken relationship.

The singer also released 'Florida' featuring Florence The Machine. Swift said she is a Dateline watcher and encourages people who are on the run from the law and want to start a new life. I think if you go deep into your heart, there's a part of you that thinks, I want a new name. I want a new life. I don't want anyone to know where I am or who I know. And it was a step back, he said, 'Where would you go and screw yourself up?' Florida! '' In track 14, 'Who's Afraid of the Little Old Man?', Swift describes her rise to pop stardom in her youth and the impact it had on her image. She said that as a public figure, she "has an opinion about who owns the world" and that people are quick to judge and criticize her behavior. Swift said she wrote the song alone at the piano in a bad situation, thinking about how society treats happy artists. "What will we do with our writers, our artists, our scientists?" Swift said.

We put them into eternal fire. We look at what they create and then evaluate it. We love to see artists suffer, so much so that sometimes we as a society cause that pain and just see what happens. While describing her latest song, "Clara Bow," Swift reflects on her experiences in the entertainment industry, specifically how record companies treat young female artists seeking deals. Swift describes Clara Bow as the 'First Daughter' and Stevie Nicks as a role model for songwriters and artists. "I felt like this was a conversation between a young woman sitting in the chair in front of the chair and a man in power or a woman in power sitting behind the chair and saying, 'You're doing this. '" Swift said, "Think about the woman who came before you, but don't be afraid, you "We're going to keep you fresh," he said. "That's why I chose women who have done great things in the past and have become archetypes of greatness in the entertainment world."

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  • angela hepworth19 days ago

    Super insightful piece about the new record!

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