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New Modern Blues Artists You Should Be Listening To

What am I listening to?

By THE BEARPublished 7 years ago 2 min read
Gary Clark Jnr

So we're heading in a new direction - gone are the bubble gum factory of the processed beats with no feeling, music recycling and four chord madness. The rise of hipster left wing veganism has yes, gentrified areas of London which maybe should have been left untouched by independent slow roasted coffee shops and rising house prices but it has pushed people back into the glory of real music. It's cool now to like good music and be individual which means (hooray!) we have people going out and searching for music. With streaming services like Spotify making this easier for the masses, it's the people who are going out of their way that are finding the truly rare and supremely talented musicians who are out their grinding for dollars and pounds with a shit amp on the street.

So who be making waves? Who should be making much bigger waves and who is making sweet music in your ear?

Now maybe you have heard of "The Chosen One" – he has shared the stage with some of the greatest artists ever – but unless you've been to Austin you may not of heard his original work, featured on modern blues on Spotify, this guy has been making big sounds for a while. He's not been to the UK in a while but rumour has it that after his enormous North American tour, he might pop over the pond. Now managed by Warner Bros, his sound is going global. The track "When My Train Pulls In" is full of screeching guitar riffs that make James Bay look like a pussy. You want vocals? This guy has it all – imagine Chris Cornell (R.I.P) meets Gregory Porter – sound good? Yeah it is.

Holy shit! Self described Bourbon-fueled Bayou rock band The Delta Saints are taking no prisoners. With tracks like "Liar" and "Sometimes I Worry" already under the belt, I have no issue with preordering the new album, Monte Vista right now. Again making waves across the pond in Nashville, this is a band that if tickets became live on a UK venue, I would smash the keyboard of my computer so hard on the "Buy Now" button. This is music to have sex too – think of those times you put Marvin Gaye on and pretend you're the world's ultimate lover while candles drip all around you – got that image? You look like a douchebag! Shove on some Delta Saints - embrace that dad bod and fucking rock out with your cock out - I promise it's much sexier than "Let's Get It On."

You want to sit back, knock back a few Bullits and listen to some sticky blues? Pearlene's "Watch The Way" should be the only thing you stick on today. With 138 likes on the old social thing, you are safe to say you could be 1 of 139 people who have the sheer privilege to indulge into this megaphone style, distorted riff ear fuck fest.


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