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My Strange Music World.

It's Not A Rule Of Black And White Thinking. It's All About Me As A Person With Feelings And My Own Individual Tastes.

By Carol TownendPublished 16 days ago 4 min read
My Strange Music World.
Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

When it comes to music, I like to colour my world.

I don't listen to one genre; my tastes vary widely.

There is a wide world of music and a massive variety of styles and tastes, yet I come from a background where the tradition is you can't listen to several styles at once.

There also seems to be a culture where if someone reads or views something terrible about a band in the media or sees it on the television, they decide I must have a bad attitude for liking their music.

Just because a band has been portrayed as doing something wrong does not mean that their music is terrible, and we must be mindful as fans because we are on the outside, and we do not know the whole story.

It does not mean that I have a bad attitude. It simply means that I like their style of music.

I have something to say about that;

Whilst some things written in the media may be true. Some of it isn't true facts, and some are only written from what they think they know. That is why it is important not to believe everything terrible you are told about bands or celebrities.

You might read a story about a band member or celebrity who has had a terrible fight with someone or a family fallout. Do you truly know them well enough to believe everything written?

I often get complained about for liking the music of Liam Gallagher because people have read stories and tweets about things he has posted, then they believe he is all bad, and in return, they portray me as being bad.

Like every human on this planet, celebrities have their problems. However, they are only human, and besides, who are we to judge if we don't know them well enough? While some celebrities or singers like Liam might sometimes post things they are annoyed about, this doesn't necessarily mean they are all evil.

We have all posted something that has pissed us off at some point. We all get annoyed, and sometimes we all say things that we shouldn't. However, you can't state that someone's perception of events is false without knowing them in person.

I never judge music based on the band or singer's personal life; I judge my music based on how much it makes me want to listen to it and whether or not I enjoy it.


I happen to love Liam's music, and if you don't that's nothing to do with me.

Here is a song by Liam that I can't get enough of.

Music Video courtesy of YouTube and Liam Gallagher (accessed by author: dated 09/02/2024)

I think that music taste should be based on how much we enjoy the talent and music of the artist, not based on the artist's personal life or problems.

We all have our problems; I could be reading one of your stories right now and enjoy that story even though I don't know anything about you. However, I follow my instincts because your problems are not for me to judge.

Some people find it strange when I contrast my tastes with other styles. I might be listening to rock music one minute, followed by a very different style within the next.

Here is another artist that I love.

Music Video courtesy of YouTube and Vengaboys (accessed by author: dated 09/02/2024)

In the world of music, especially in the U.K. where I am from, I have noticed over the years that people tend to view musical tastes in black and white. For example;

You can't listen to metal and be a fan of dance.

I was faced with a lot of hate and abuse when I was growing up for being a person with mixed taste, and an ex-boyfriend of mine was faced with bullying by those into the dance and rave scene for being a fan of metal.

I have never been the kind of person who thinks that 'one fits all' in the world of music.

I am a person who believes that music is made in many styles for us to enjoy. Having a varied taste in music spices up my life, and I find many songs relate to my feelings in life, such as this one below,

Music Video Courtesy of YouTube and Delta Goodrem (accessed by author: dated 09/02/2024)

This is a very precious song to me. I first heard this song at a time when I lost one of my children to adoption because I was very unwell, and I was painfully stigmatized for it. I was going through many painful problems in my marriage at the time, and I had no idea how to put it all back together or a way of releasing that pain.

The lyrics are very emotional, and they resonated well with my feelings at that time, though when I listen to it today; it reminds me of everything that I stand for because no matter how painful my history has been, I am still going forward with my life, and I have made some great achievements along the way.

For me; music is not a rule of 'black and white' thinking. Music is all about me as a person and my own individual tastes in music.


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Carol Townend

Fiction, Horror, Sex, Love, Mental Health, Children's fiction and more. You'll find many stories in my profile. I don't believe in sticking with one Niche! I write, but I also read a lot too.

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