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Miley Does it Again

by Brielle Jeffries 10 months ago in album reviews

Can plastic hearts love?

Let me caveat this whole story by noting that it might come from a place of bias. I'm a huge Miley fan, starting from her "crazy" phase as some call it, which started during my last year of high school. Maybe I wanted to live vicariously through her because of how bored I was. I was drawn to the essence of freedom she exuded. The more I listened to her music and followed her work I realized how little she gave a fuck what people thought of her but how big she gave a fuck about other people, animals and the world at large.

Yesterday she released the Plastic Hearts album which I knew I was going to dig once she gave a few previews. There’s one song in particular that took my mind on a journey which is Golden G String.

In every album Miley has a song that’s more existentially driven than the others. In Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz it was 1 Sun and in Younger Now it was Inspired. There may have not been one in Bangerz but that album was so good I don’t even care.

Golden G String dives into the hypocracy of today’s sex-positive-but-still-controlled-by-men world as well as the wealthy pointing fingers at the poor acting like it’s not their problem.

This line in particular made me angry along with her.

You dare to call me crazy, have you looked around this place?

What about Ted Yoho calling AOC a “fucking bitch” on the steps of the capital? Is that not crazy? What do you call Trump when he spews harsh, false information on Twitter, increasing the strength of his followers in their own eyes? No, people would rather reserve that word to describe Miley because she’s stepping outside of their comfort zone. A comfort zone where it’s normal for men in government to be angry and make decisions for everyone else based solely on their perception of the world.

The old boys hold all the cards and they ain't playin' gin.

A comfort zone where change happens so slow you can barely tell a difference, but if change does happen fast, it’s only at the cost of the less fortunate. Again, Miley’s words hold truth-

So the mad man's in the big chair. He says "If you can't make ends meet, honey, it must be your fault."

Sometimes the vastness of our problems are overwhelming enough to make us want to give up and just let it happen.

I should walk away. Oh, I should walk away. But I think I'll stay.

But the fight of women, people of color, and every group that has and continues to be unequally treated by the system has gone on for too many generations and it’s about fucking time that we all join in. I do feel hopeful for my generation to be a turning point.

Of course, even with a song with lyrics as deep as these, Miley still manages to make a ‘Miley-esque statement.’ You can even buy the golden g string in her merch store!

Everything Miley is and does is truly her being herself, but how she got there was through a mix of feeling comfortable in her own skin and a spiteful ‘fuck you’ to people who claim her craziness by showing them more crazy. In her own words-

They told me I should cover it so I went the other way. I did it all to make you love me and to feel alive. Oh, that's just the world that we're livin' in. And at least it gives the paper somethin' they can write about.

Whatever your opinion is of Miley, you have to admit it’s badass to have Billy Idol and Joan Jett, not to mention Stevie Nicks featured all in the same album. You did it again Miley, and now I will be listening to Plastic Hearts on repeat until further notice.

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