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Migrant Motel Shows Great Promise with New Song 'Party'

Los Angeles Alt.Pop Duo Is On The Rise And Gaining Mommentum

By RockNRollBuddhaPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
Migrant Motel - "Party" Cover Artwork

Migrant Motel is a Los Angeles based Alt.Pop duo that have been releasing music and touring since 2017. They have been building a solid career by releasing singles backed with exceptionally well-done videos, and touring – including headlining the BMI stage at Lollapalooza in 2021. Their new single, “Party” flips the script on the usual party song by telling a tale of infatuation that never comes to fruition. It’s a universal story about wanting someone who doesn’t want you back – a relatable theme that is the backbone of this rising duo’s music.

Chava Ilizaliturri, the band’s drummer explains the origins of the track: “Party” came out of us wanting to write a party anthem with a twist. The song is about NOT wanting to go out. Initially, we wanted to celebrate staying home, chilling, watching movies or TV, and just being on our own and feeling good about it. While writing it, we decided to add the love / heartbreak twist in the chorus to take it to that place of anguish. Sometimes you don’t want to go out because seeing the person that’s not into you, even though you’re into them — can be heartbreaking".

Migrant Motel = David Stewart, JR. and Chava Ilizaliturri

Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist David Stewart, JR continues “We wanted the “Party” music video to speak to the feeling of loneliness and stillness and to really dive into a chill & familiar story. Our amazing Director Victor Ingles and the team were able to explore those emotions and transmit them to the viewer. We filmed the video at our friend Curtis Kelley’s home studio. We shot it with a programmed mechanical head using a very simple technique of fading the shots into each other — but that required doing the full length of the song each time, so it took a while.”

The mid-tempo song has an addictive melody line that gets stuck in your head almost instantly. Stewart’s plaintive vocals truly deliver the goods, and make you believe he has actually experienced the scenario that is portrayed by the song’s lyrics.

Formed in 2017 in Boston, Migrant Motel came together when Peruvian-American David Stewart Jr. and Mexican native Chava Ilizaliturri met while studying music during their college years. They connected as friends immediately and realized they had great chemistry with similar musical tastes. The pair started writing and playing live, and was very active on the East Coast of the US, playing hundreds of shows in New York and New England over the next 3 years.

The pair relocated to Los Angeles in 2020, looking to take their career to another level. Migrant Motel has developed a reputation as a dynamic live act, performing in legendary venues including the Whiskey A Go Go, the Viper Room, the Roxy and the Troubadour. 2023 has been a productive year for them so far with an impressive slate of 3 recent SRO shows in LA at School Night @ Bardot, Hunnypot Live @ The Mint, and Hotel Café, respectively.

The band previously releases include “Shame”, a whimsical look at the life of a musician and not being where you want to be even though you’re working hard to break through. Other notable releases include 2019’s “Keep It Down” – which has more than 4 million streams, and “New Religion” which has accumulated 2 million streams to date. The future looks bright for Migrant Motel as they continue to display growth and maturity in their songwriting. The duo is writing and recording new music to be released later this year, and is actively pursuing touring opportunities. “Party” shows that the band has staying power, and we look forward to hearing what comes next.

Migrant Motel is:

David Stewart, JR. (Vocals/Guitar/Bass)

Chava Ilizaliturri (Drums)

Follow Migrant Motel Online:

Official Website / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Official Youtube / TikTok

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