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Ladies, tired of the f^*kboys?

By SeyurPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

Ladies, ladies, ladies, are you tired of the f^*kboys and their disingenuous rhetoric? You know the haunting three words often used when us men really have no legit reason for what we just did or when we have inflated our ego to grandiose proportions, leaving us with the inability to just simply apologize. “I’m only human:” the get out of jail free card every man has had in his arsenal. This also applies to those who use their astrological birth sign as an excuse to be void of any wrongdoings, such as “I’m a Gemini, so one day I care and one day I don’t,” which is some of the craziest BS one could hear. And let's be honest, ladies, please don’t think you are exempt from using the same “I’m only human” line. It is, unfortunately, a universal practice. Not open to debate. Anyway, if you’re tired of the lack of responsibility your lover takes for their actions, this is the record for you!

Last Ever Entertainment’s very own queen, MEANGIRL spirals into a bold calling out of the phrase in her new single “HuMAN." MEANGIRL, an artistic force whose weaponry consists of a genius pen game, limitless creativity, and crazy vocal chops amongst her many other non-musical gifts. Despite her sweet nature, inside her lies an eclectic beast that quite often escapes going creatively berserk, orchestrating the very musical soundtracks that tell some of our greatest pains and most beautiful moments. You probably couldn’t thank her more. I mean, we all love artists that speak directly to us with no sugar coating, just a straight chaser. Coming from a bloodline that’s deeply rooted in our musical culture whom have also paved way and influenced your favorites of today, she has followed in those very footsteps, working with some of the greatest producers, writers, and creators in the industry. With her authenticity in sound, unchained delivery, and unapologetic lyrics graced with stunning vocals, she infectiously tells her story.

"HuMAN" showcases a woman articulating her disappointment from her lover's cop-out for causing her grief. She starts out very subtle with her approach, simply asking why would he lie to her. He replies, “I’m only human.” The conversation then turns into a belting of vocals: "but if you were human/you would at least have a heart/if you were human you wouldn’t tear me apart/I don’t know what you're used to/I don’t know where you’re from/but here it ain’t human to do that to someone."

You clearly hear the pain and emotions throughout this relatable hook, as her vocals vividly express the state she is in and, oh, is it a sad state, which perfectly reflects the raspy tone she effortlessly powerhouses her way through the song with.

The video for “HuMAN” is even more of a creative treat, as you find MEANGIRL intimately singing in front of a camera, similar to a confessional on your favorite reality show, but the drama behind the performance is far from scripted. It opens with her simply pouring some wine and being just “alright,” but as soon as she displays an air of being okay, she breaks. As she breaks, you'll imagine her at one point in her mind saying "Fu*% this, let me down the whole damn bottle." Meanwhile, you witness a mixture of sadness and then a propulsion into being pissed off. "See the tears falling down/hear me screaming loud/and the way I’m acting now/that’s human/," she exclaims, comparing her display of emotion to his lack of.

If anything, this video reflects a truth we often don’t see when someone has been heartbroken. If you’ve ever been heartbroken, you know exactly those moments I am referring to; the in and out transitions of being okay and then being miserable. The laughing at how stupid you’ve been, then the boiling point when the anger slowly creeps up and you just explode. This record and video is the perfect "Fu#$ you" song! I mean, why let these fools go unscathed and unaccountable? Let them know they aren't human!

'HuMAN' by MEANGIRL. Available on all platforms!!!


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