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Jaden Smith 'Syre' Album Review

Eclectic Hip-Hop

By SeyurPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

My mind is freaking blown away!! He completely nailed this!! Jaden Smith. Yes, the son of Will Smith! Jaden, currently signed to RocNation/MSFTS Music takes his art very seriously and tell his story only as he can. I’m not going to lie I would’ve never thought Jaden Smith would deliver a project this dope!! This isn’t the Jaden you thought you knew. He has uprooted and replanted himself in the much richer soil!

Syre is Eclectic Hip-Hop at its finest. It displays his view of the world through hip-hop but eclectic in many aspects that give this album a fresh feel that can't be contained in one genre. Imagine if you will the streets of Wisteria Lane raising an outspoken hip-hop artist with a point to prove he is as talented and creative as his peers. The end result would be Jaden Smith and this is definitely not a bad thing.

The whole album is an assortment of vibes and moods opening up with “B” which also hosts Willow Smith and Pia Mia singing a melody of deep meaningful lyrics: “Thy hair inspired God to make the breeze/Thy lips inspired God to make a man/and from his rib an angel born as Eve/Formed into flesh and promised him her hand." Jaden then rips into the start of his relationship issues wondering what he has turned into. The next 3 songs make up the complete song "BLUE" with each letter offering a different dynamic of the song.

"Lost Boy" my personal favorite finds him exercising his vocal ability over an acoustic driven track. He sings about being a lost boy opening up about love and the surety of being loved back. The great thing about this track is that you could easily play this 9+ minute track and zone out about life. Be it about the topic of the song or an emotion that is like the feeling of this track you’ll definitely discover the lost boy or the lost girl in yourself. He proclaims: I heard you and so-and-so had a falling out/what was that about?/Something happened and she shot him down/Just be happy that she’s not around/Boy you're not a hero, you're a problem child/What type of fire have you started now? Questioning love seems to be the basis of the album but that is the norm at his age.

"Icon" boasts about being a living icon. The flow and delivery is the cherry on top of this crazy produced track! With great confidence, he exercises his ability to gloat about his achievements and no lie we can’t deny that he has accomplished quite a bit in his 19 years of living. Sometimes when overlooked we must proclaim our accomplishments and honestly Jaden never had the respect that he may be deserved as an artist.

"Hope," brings out his inner mutineer in this compassionate angst for equality, inclusion, and peace. Always outspoken and opinionated on the many injustices that plague our current state of living it comes to no surprise that he uses his voice to revolt and bring unity. He chants with one can only assume a balled up fist: "There are kids in prison, are you hearing this/ But lately this is not a conspiracy/I don’t label myself a conspiracist. Lobbyists are in the Senate/Lobbying to make it obvious/Innocent people are prosecuted for living/I talked to Judas in my vision your bullshit is done!" I am completely here for this Jaden! Hopefully, this is the start of his generation’s artistic pledge to dismantle the many assortments of injustices we all face as a people.

Syre will definitely have me interested in his future projects as I can only imagine the growth and the expansion of his gifts will surpass what has been presented in this surprisingly satisfying effort.

Syre gets a 9 out of 10

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