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Let Me Take You On A Musical Trip: Part One

Where My Taste In Music Comes In Different Flavours.

By Carol TownendPublished 4 months ago 6 min read
Let Me Take You On A Musical Trip: Part One
Photo by Marcela Laskoski on Unsplash

This will contain a little bit of information about the artists who I love in the world of music. However, I will allow the reader to get to know me through my love of music, rather than focus soley on the artists themselves.

The opinions I share about these songs will not be soley centred around the artist, but will reflect my views and thoughts about the music, and why I love those songs.

I believe everyone has personal reasons for loving the music they choose to listen to, and this story reflects my musical tastes and views.

This is purely a personal piece about my musical journey.

Readers who read my articles will know I am not the type of person who ever sticks with one style of music.

My tastes are vast and varied.

I have written previous stories in my profile, however I feel that those stories do no justice to my vast and varied love when it comes to the many different types of music that I listen to.

This story will be written in different parts so that I can fit in as much of the music I listen to as I possibly can.

I haven't limited myself to the number of stories there will be in relation to this series of stories, because I have a lot of music to go through which means there is likely to be quite a lot of parts!

I won't be giving a rundown of the background of artists. Instead, I will discuss why I enjoy a particular music or song.

The idea is to enable the listener to see how my love of music and I go hand in hand.

I went to several different schools as a child, and two of those schools were very enthusiastic about introducing us to the importance of music. However, I started way before school.

My first love was Kate Bush, and though this is not a background story,

I do have a funny story to share.

My mum calls this song my 'potty song.' I used to sit on the potty and throw my hands in the air whilst singing this song until I had emptied my bladder!

I still love Kate Bush today. You can hear my 'potty song' below.

Video courtesy of YouTube: (Accessed by Author: 04/03/2024

I love the gothic undertones and the haunting voice in Kate Bush's music. I enjoy the spiritual play in both her video and in the song. I foundnd the high soprano catching, and I even got to sing the song in a school show which I thoroughly enjoyed.

My next one is one by Tiffany which I heard in the in the 80's. Its upbeat rhythm and catchy lyrics became a huge staple of mine in the music world when dancing at night clubs when I became old enough and when on the karaoke.

It is remains significant staple in my vast library of never-ending music today.

Video courtesy of YouTube: (Accessed by Author, 04/03/2024)

My next song is a cappella. A cappella is a song sung without using instruments; instead, it uses a mixture of different human choral voices and sounds that provide the musical rhythm and beat for the song. This song was introduced to me as a child and is very much loved because it stirs many emotional memories of being happy during a challenging growing-up period. This song is by a well-loved band of mine called The Flying Pickets.

Video courtesy of YouTube: ( Accessed by Author, 04/03/2024)

I am a massive fan of thrashing guitars, too.

There is nothing quite like a heavy metal song to get me through my angriest days or when I am not angry but in a 'happy, nutty mood' as my husband kindly terms them!

One of those bands that I love is Slipknot.

Slipknot enables me to take my anger out in a friendly way, and often, I can't help but dance wildly to their music. All I can say is that it must be the guitars and how they send their messages. One song I favourite by Slipknot is Psychosocial.

The lyrics scream out loud at me on days when I feel like my life is crazy. I feel calm after listening to it.

This is also a song that helps me to get my feelings out about climate change.

Video courtesy of YouTube (Accessed by Author, 04/03/2024)

The next one is one I first heard whilst at a school play. It is like blues with rock tones, and it always reminds me of those crazy school days when things were happy for a change.

The song reminds me of those days when I couldn't wait for school to end, and Chuck Berry sings it.

Video Courtesy of YouTube (Accessed by Author, 04/03/2024)

When I was growing up. Lena Zavaroni became a well-loved childhood favourite of mine. I would listen to and sing her songs on long trips in the car, whilst walking to school, helping my mum wash up, in my bedroom, and whilst being alone, and I used them to help me study music at school.

Her songs are fun. I particularly like songs set to mild swing tones. The rhythm moves backwards and forwards like swinging on a swing, such as the one below, which I used to sing along to while swinging on a swing!

Video Courtesy of YouTube (Accessed by Author, 04/03/2024)

One artist practically dominated our household, and my mother, father, and stepfather were big fans. It became top of the music scene at home, and to my mum, there was no bigger king in the world of Rock and Roll than this fantastic artist. He is Elvis Presley.

I grew up to respect Elvis's musical style in music. His fantastic guitar playing, alongside rocking melodieswhich are played on a piano, mixed with crisp drum beats and vocals, make his music lovable in many ways. However, that is not everything that Elvis was amazingly talented at; he also wrote some intense emotional love songs that could put tears in even the hardest of hearts, such as this one below, my number one love song by Elvis Presley.

Video courtesy of YouTube, (Accessed by Author, 04/03/2024)

The Mammas and Pappas are also a band that I still cherish today. I love their catchy words; their music varies with happiness, heartbreak, and sadness. Their songs consist of heartfelt words, and their melodies are so strong that I can't help playing them on total volume, singing along, and dancing to them; either by myself, or with a partner.

The song below reminds me of walking through town, kicking up the brown leaves of autumn in the winter while waiting for the snow so I can do some ice skating while wishing for summer so I can visit the beach.

Video courtesy of Youtube, (Accessed by Author, 04/03/2024)

My next song is a song that my Grandma taught me. It is a World War One marching song.

My Grandma taught me a lot about the music created during the war; she holds it very close to her heart.

I hold those songs and music close to my heart, too. The courage to smile and sing through a war must be challenging, and it has never gone unappreciated by me, and these songs are very good at making me smile on black days when my mood is low.

The song was published in 1915 in London and written by Welsh singer George Henry Powell, who also went under the pseudonym 'George Asaf,' and it was set to music by his brother Felix Powell

Video courtesy of Youtube, (Accessed by Author, 04/03/2024)

That concludes the first part of this series.

This first story was not written to be an intensive list of music, that will be explored in part two. I have tried to give the reader an idea of my mixed tastes. If you read my future parts to this story, you will see how far my musical journey unfolds.

Until then, you can subscribe to my stories here, where you will see a variety of stories and poems in my profile, and keep updated on this one!

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  • Jeremy White4 months ago

    You know I love this. I will have to check the ones I haven't heard before. Like the accapale group and the war song. Slipknot is a good addition.

Carol TownendWritten by Carol Townend

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