How to stream music for free

The best premium apk you can get

How to stream music for free

In this times, I'm sure we've all wondered, at least one time, how can we get a free access to a music streaming platform. Especially the ones like me, who grew up in that time when we downloaded all our music without having to pay a single penny, and now find those monthly bills really annoying. Luckily, a little while ago I found out a way to get access to those desired premium features without having to spend a single penny. In this article I'll give you two tested apk plus two gifts.

I'm sure this is the most famous music app today. It has probably the most extensive song library and offers a lot of options. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to make it possible to download songs to listen offline. Anyway, you'll have unlimited skips and you'll be able to stream any song you want.

You can download it here:

This app is less know as spotify, but it still has the same features, a smoother design, and offers a karaoke option in a lot of songs. In my opinion this is the best option, especially since with this app you'll actually be able to download songs to listen online.

You can download it here:


To finish, I'll leave you a couple unique bonus I think all of us should have.

With this app you'll be able to hack into almost any app by yourself and unlock all premium features while avoiding payments.

It's important to understand that, despite it being a really powerful tool, it can only change the code in your phone's app, it can't do the same with online code. Therefore, you won't be able to hack into apps that depend on internet, such as clash royale or Netflix.

The best part about this tool is that it doesn't require having your phone rooted, it works perfectly anyway.

You can download it here:

The next one is gaining a lot of popularity and for good reasons.

All of us have (or should have) heard of VPNs. Another of those premium services that should be available for everyone.

A VPN is the ultimate safety mechanism for your phone, because it's the only one able to encrypt your IP address to everyone. To make it clear, when you surf internet it's easy to track you, like if you were driving your car in a highway; with a VPN it would be like driving a car for rent and changed it every few hours. Nobody will track you.

Despite being such an important service, it's almost impossible to find it for free. In fact, there are only two free alternatives, phone guardian and the integrated one in opera browser.

The first one is a terrible idea, because that app will actually spy on your activity (with your consent, without wich won't work) for unclear purposes. There's no need to understand that despite being both a good antivirus and VPN, the risk is higher than the benefits.

The second one is only active when you browse with opera, but your online activity is much larger and will be exposed.

Seeing this situation, I decided that providing you with a good one is really important, so I'll leave you here another hacked app. This VPN requires no registration, and activates with just one click. Despite it's simplicity, it's the strongest one in the market, so your data will be safe.

You can download it here:

Well, I have just one more thing to say, if you liked my apps, please, share this post with your friends so that they can enjoy them too.

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