How Bruce Willis Chose My Parent's Wedding Song

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A true story (kind of).

How Bruce Willis Chose My Parent's Wedding Song
Inspired by Armaggedon.

If you’ve ever seen the 1998 film “Armageddon” then you’ll soon realise Areosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” is their song.

You’re probably looking at the title of this article and wondering “why choose your parent’s wedding song and not your own?”. Well for a start, I’m not married, and with recent songs like Justin Bieber’s “Yummy” it’s kind of hard to pick the right song for me. Can you imagine THAT as my first dance? Some how I don’t think my grandmother would approve.

So yes, my parent’s wedding song is the song that means the most to me. It’s funny that I call it a wedding song, considering my parents haven’t actually gotten married and they’ve been engaged for the past 25 freaking years! Some joke my parents are taking it slow, and my dad even jokes “I’ve got to make sure she’s the one!”. Some think that my parents are waiting for the right moment and honestly, I believe that’s true. My parent’s relationship is that of fairy tales and so their “wedding” song is the most magical song I know.

My parents have known each other for like, forever. They met when they were little, when my mother’s auntie was also my dad’s mother’s best friend. The two of them used to be babysat by the same woman, and they were taken to the beach together on playdates never knowing that one day they would take their children to the very same beach. Imagine knowing someone your whole life, and never knowing you’d end up together. Flash forward to their teenage years, and my father being a year older than my mother never really noticed her, but she was in love with him. For years they got on the same bus to school and she never said a word to him, with nerves getting the better of her. After finishing school, they went their separate ways, and both got engaged to other people. Fate must have known these two were meant for each other. Their other relationships failed, and my parents found each other again quite quickly.

When my parents got to know each other again there was one moment that sparked a lifetime of love. After a night out with friends, my father ended up sleeping on the floor of my mother’s bedroom. They spent the whole night chatting, and from the way they describe it, it was the perfect night. When morning came, my father had already left but what he left behind was even better – his phone number.

A while after that, my parents expected child number one: yours truly. They got engaged, bought a house and the rest is history. By then, they had picked out their song, and they knew instantly they’d use it as their wedding song. Who knew that Bruce Willis and an asteroid falling to Earth could inspire my parents to choose their wedding song?! If you’ve ever seen the 1998 film “Armageddon” then you’ll soon realise Areosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” is their song.

There’s something about waiting for your parents to get married that holds a weird, special place in your heart. 1. Because you want to see your parents get married and 2. You’re really hoping you don’t end up getting married before your parents do. As an avid singer, all I want is to be able to sing that song for them on their wedding day. Every time I hear it, it puts a smile on my face and every time I try to sing it, I do with tears in my eyes. The song is so much more than a song, it’s a symbol of how magical my parent’s relationship has been. I swear my parent’s relationship is the perfect plot to a cheesy love movie, and “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” would have to be the entire soundtrack.

I can’t wait for the day that they finally get married, as it will be the perfect ending to a perfect story. Although, I don’t think this ending will involve Ben Affleck lying in some grass…or animal crackers, but who knows.

Listen to their wedding song here:

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Leigh Hooper
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