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Give Me a Chance Please: Our Canadian Radio Should Play:

I just made a Spotify playlist for this here especially. Fun music to cruise through traffic with and meaningful songs mainly being played to get their messages from the song heard to the public. Now is the time to say why these specific songs are worthy of being on the radio.

By Keanna Barry Published 3 months ago 24 min read


1. "Sorry, sorry for the wait, yeah . Never had a long play, yeah . Not used to showing up, not used to love"

2."Sorry I took so long, I'm a bad deal gone wrong . You’re like my halfway house, I’m never moving out . What the f*ck is a loser? We'll die in the future . We can die happy now, we can die happy"


1. "Lately, I've been, I've been thinking I want you to be happier, I want you to be happier"

2. "Then only for a minute I want to change my mind. 'Cause this just don't feel right to me I want to raise your spirits I want to see you smile but Know that means I'll have to leave"

3. "Lately, I've been, I've been thinking I want you to be happier, I want you to be happier"

4. "When the evening falls And I'm left there with my thoughts And the image of you being with someone else Well, that's eating me up inside But we run our course, we pretend that we're okay"


1. "You were with your friends partying when the alcohol kicked in . Said you wanted me dead . So, you show up at my home, all alone with a shovel and a rose.

2. "Do you think I'm a joke? 'Cause people like you always want back what they can't have . But I'm past that and you know that . So you should turn back to your rat pack, tell 'em I'm trash"

3. "Tell all of your friends that I'm crazy and drive you mad . That I'm such a stalker, a watcher, a psychopath . And tell them you hate me and dated me just for laughs . So, why do you call me and tell me you want me back? . You maniac"

4. "You just went too far . Wrecked your car, called me crying in the dark . Now you're breaking my heart . So, I show up at your place right away . Wipe the tears off of your face . While you beg me to stay, well"

5. "Psychopathic, don't be so dramatic . We had magic, but you made it tragic . Now you're manic, honestly I've had it . Listen to yourself, think you need to get some help."


1. "Another night, I feel barely alive . Maybe this sidechain kickdrum gets me high . Last thing I should be doing, but I keep doing it again and again . Lately been thinking maybe the beat'll save me from all of my friends"

2. "How you feeling? Heartbroken and jonesing for a nicotine rush. Like a sad and lonely lush, alright"

3. "How you feeling? Three shots in and hoping I'm not letting you down . 'Cause I don't do well in crowds, alright. Drown it out, turn it out . So tell me how you feeling"

4. "I'm feeling, I'm feeling, I'm feeling, I'm feeling alright, alright . I'm dancing, reckless, but it's all a lie . Don't have the patience to even say goodbye."


1. "Well, I shook hands with the devil down on the south side . And he bought us both a drink. With a pad and a pencil sat by his side . I said, "Tell me what you think". I've been looking for my savior, looking for my truth . I even asked my shrink . He brought me down to his level . Said, "Son, you're not special. You won't find him where you think" "

2. "You won't find him down on sunset . Or at a party in the hills . At the bottom of the bottle. Or when you're tripping on some pills."

3. "When they sold you the dream you were just 16 . Packed a bag and ran away . And it's a crying shame you came all this way 'Cause you won't find Jesus in LA"

4. "Took a sip of his whiskey . Said, "Now that you're with me . Well, I think that you should stay" . Yeah, I know you've been busy. Searching through the city . So let me share the way. I know I'm not your savior . Know I'm not your truth . But I think we could be friends."

5. "He said "Come down to my level . Hang out with the devil . Let me tell you, in the end."

6. "When they sold me the dream I was just 16 . Packed my bag and ran away . And it's a crying shame I came all this way . 'Cause I won't find Jesus in LA . And it's a crying shame I came all this way . 'Cause I won't find Jesus in LA"


1. "Let's dance . No time for romance . Let's dance . No time for romance . You got me intoxicated"


1. "Days like these . I just want you back . I can't breathe . I can't even speak . No la la la la la, la la. Gotta rise . Gotta fight . 'Cause it's something I wanted.

2. "Oh, he's got to go . I can see in the light . It's not right . Now I know I don't need him. Oh, let your body talk . Even when you feel so lost . Spinning when the tears they fall, you gotta just let it go"

3. "Days like these . I don't want you back . Now I feel free . Gonna to keep it that like that yeah"


1. "Is he cool? Is he tough? Is he fresh? Can he pay all your bills and cash all your checks? Is he tall? Is he broad? Let me guess. He's got it under control yeah I bet."

2. "But do you remember my cologne? It's hard to forget . My Gucci guilty reign is overthrown with regret."

3. "When he plays the role . Does he trip and fall? Does he cause a scene? Acting out your dreams and when he's offstage . Does he act the same? You know I would."

4."Do you feel how I feel? Are you numb? Do you tread crystal waters Bound to be stung? Are you scared? If I see you, we're upon . Will you dye your hair dark so you're no longer blonde?"

5."What's the point in writing this if you're not gonna change? I hope you see this and it makes you feel the type of way"


1. "Roller coaster, up and down . We're so high, can't see the ground . Paint our faces like a clown . Let's pretend we're happy now"

2. "Yeah, ooh, wow (wow), I let myself down . Said I'd never fall in love . But I'm looking like a clown (like a clown) . And now, ooh, wow, put my phone down (put it down) . 'Cause someone's gotta take it 'fore I smash it on the ground."

3. "And I'm gettin' really good at tripping 'bout the lil' things (lil') . Turn a big mood to a big mood swing (mood) . Doesn't make it any better, cryin' on my Gucci sweater . Ain't no way that I could ever make you happy now (whoa)."

4. "And I'm sorry now, but it's complicated . And you hunt me now, thank God I'm faded."

5. "Another day, another crisis . Another night we spend fightin' . Really thought that you were ride or dyin' . Dealin' with your drama rather not, so I'm silent (rather not)

6. "Things change, I can't pretend to deny it . She's in her cursed clothes, Gucci diet . In my old phone, goin' through my old habits . Spent a whole year with you, I know it's tragic"

7. "All I know is that you're here to cause damage . Highs and lows, you turned me to a savage, yeah (You turned me to a savage)!"


1. "There's a hole in the sun . Caving in and I feel it I'm the fortunate one Push my luck when I need it"

2. "Sad, but what can I do Burn the world to start over Blacking out in my room. Wake me up when it's over"

3. "Diamond tears, I want to see the other side (other side) I just want to feel alive"

4. "It starts in the morning, and it goes through my head . I go through the motions and it drives me to bed"

5. "I swear to God, no-one is feeling what I'm feeling"


1. "Alone at parties in a deadly silhouette . She loves the cocaine, but cocaine don't love her back. When she's upset, she talks to Maury and takes deep breaths. She's a '90s supermodel, uh-uh-uh"

2. "Way back in high school, when she was a good Christian . I used to know her, but she's got a new best friend"

3. "A drag queen named The Virgin Mary takes confessions"

4. "Yeah, she's a master, my compliments . If you wanna love her, just deal with that . She'll never love you, more than money and cigarettes . Every night's a heartbreak"

5. "Hey, don't think about it . Hey, just let it go . 'Cause her boyfriend is the rock 'n' roll . Savor every moment 'til she has to go . 'Cause her boyfriend is the rock 'n' roll"

6. "Alone at parties, she's working around the clock . When you're not looking, she's stealing your Basquiat."

7. "Low-wasted pants on OnlyFans, I'd pay for that . She's a '90s supermodel"


1. "I can name a couple ways, baby, this shit might go . You just might forget that this was what you're gettin' high for . Men that like to do the things to remain that guy who need someone who's sweet and not gon' shoot to make that high note"

2. "And it's such a typical thing . Runnin' over billion men who only deal with difficult things. You gon' need a billion hands, ooh."

3. "She's just like candy, she's so sweet . But you know that it ain't real cherry, know that it ain't real cherry . She's just like candy (Candy), she's so sweet (She's so sweet) . But you know that it ain't real, know that it ain't real"

4. "I can be your sugar when you're fiendin' for that sweet spot . Put me in your mouth, baby, and eat it 'til your teeth rot. I can be your cherry, apple, pecan, or your key lime . Baby I got everything and so much more than she's got"

5. "Sugar-coated, lies unfolded, you still lick the wrapper . It's addictive, you know this, but you still lick the wrapper"


1. "You act different now . You moved away to the city . Cool kids distance yourself . Shitty people, make you feel shitty . You act brand new as hell . Why do these girl be so petty?"

2. "Friendships shallow as hell . You all look like @wolfiecindy, yeah . Who is real and fake? Can't get a hold of you (Hold of you) . See it on my face, I should be over you (Over you)"

3. "So, can we leave this party? What's the social cue? (Social cue) . See it on my face, I feel like... All of these beautiful girls . I let them ruin my world . I let them walk in my life . Stab me in the back with a knife"

4. "Why are girls so hot? (Hot!) . Take everything I've got (Got!) . Why are girls so cold? (Cold!) Why are girls so, why are girls so beautiful? (Beautiful)"

5. "Yeah, all the pretty girls in the droptop, cut me like a croptop . Speeding down the 405 burning, no sunblock . I don't wanna dance, vodka with the ice . You don't wanna follow anyone in real life . Fallin' out the bathroom, wipe your damn nose . Safe to say this party really blows. Why are girls so perfect? Why are girls so mean? Why are girls the reason I can't sleep? . I swear that you can see it on my face, I feel like"


1." This day doesn't die 'til"

2. "Forgive, forget . That's a lesson that we haven't learned yet . We try (Yeah, yeah, we try). We cry (Yeah, yeah, we cry) . But a day doesn't die 'til the sun is set."

3. "Uh, yeah, night falls, days come and go . No retreat, stubborn, played the role . Held a grudge, seen it takes it's toll . I guess it proves I still got a way to go . Got to stop being so hard headed and hard nosed . And get rid of the excess cargo. You know, lighten up my carload. 'Cause I keep veerin' on back down to her road."

4."Uh, I've been lied to and cheated on . I've been shit talked, beat down, treated wrong . And I won't forgive or forget . But I don't wanna live with regret . And so I hope that I can let go, move on"

5. "Try to forgive anybody who did Luke wrong . Yeah, right, I can hold hope, hoping it'll do . But I don't think I got the will to forgive, forget."

6. "But a day doesn't die 'til the sun is set . He goes, balls to the walls 'till I drop. Love what I am, hate what I'm not . I no longer talk or text message . Any ex-girlfriends or these ex-best friends . Who left me stress and this neck tension . And who never paid any dues but expect pension . So that's why our friendship is suspended . And if you thought I'd forget, guess again

7. "I don't have it in me, don't have the discipline . Eye for an eye, the adreneline is kicking in. Burn me once, then it's shame on you . If I let it happen twice, then it's shame on me . Okay, I get it."

8. "This is part of the vicious cycle we live in . So unforgivin' . Stay gettin' heated with anyone who burns us . Dwell on a grudge, but I'm still tryin' to learn to"

9. "Sometimes I think I'm a rebel . But I'm trying to be the bigger man and never sink to your level . I try to stay subtle in all my neighbours' drama"

10. "Pricks come and go everyday, that's life . And truth be told, many other episodes occurred . But you ain't worth my time for a full verse . Shit, I'd forgive, but I never will (forget, forget)

11. "That's a lesson that we haven't learned yet . We try, we cry . But a day doesn't die til the sun is set"


1. "Ayo, trophy wife, out, you won me . Until you had to find out it's one me . No-now you benched, aww, your bum knee . Now I'm the bad guy, call me Chun-Li (ooh)"

2. "'Cause you was slippin', yep, you clumsy . And everything I peeped, can't just unsee . Sips tea, and it's unsweet . Re-respect bad gyal when mi done speak (now, now)."

3. "Now he shooting his shot like drive-by . Why-why-why you had to make me go call up my side guy? Ca-ca-can't let a f-boy eff up my nice vibes . Yo, Ariana, come let me give you a high five"

4. "The light is coming to give back everything the darkness stole"

5. " "What did she say?", "What did he say?" . You don't listen 'cause you know everything . You don't even need dreams . Tellin' everybody, "Stay woke, don't sleep" . Ah, gonna break that shit down. You don't wait, tell 'em wait another round"

6. "Ah, guess you're way above it now . And that's your way to love it now . How can they tell you shit that you've been through? They are so confused, who cares about their rationale?"

7. "If it ain't your view . That's the bottom line . Know-it-all (know-it-all) . Give you a box of chances, every time you blow it all (blow it all) . As if it were shade, you would just throw it all (throw it all) . It's like you're trying not to glow at all (glow at all) . Know-it-all (know-it-all)."

8."Why do we have chemistry? (Ay, yeah) . With a need for speed (ay, yeah) . Doin' things that trouble clings (ay, yeah) to . And burns off our wings. Ah, gonna break that shit down (ay, yeah). You don't wait, tell 'em wait another round (ay, yeah)."


1. "Never know when the hunger strikes . I could live a hundred lives to find truth . I could lose a hundred times"

2. "Miss out every summer just to win with you"

3. "Drove through a Vegas night . Hands like a bag of ice, almost puked . That's when I knew that I wanna spend the rest of my life with you"

4. "A thousand highways just to get here . The trail of tears that we've traveled through . And all the lost time that we've made up . Ain't enough time for me and you."

5. "You've become my omen . Only one I've chosen . Fell in love with knowing I'll be here for you."

6. "If you feeling low, then you won't be alone, I fell in love with knowing I'll be here for you"

7. "A thousand ways we could all end up . Whether broke or ballin', Ima still have you. Driving down the number 9 . I'd fall down a hundred times to stand for you"

8. "Sipping wine out of paper cup . Laying next to you in a hotel room . That's when I knew that I wanna spend the rest of my life with you, you"


1. "She was always dealing with the devil . She was always into taking those chances, yeah. Said she met a couple other women who were into going late night dancing, yeah"

2. "Then she fell in love with a pill that could take away all her pain, yeah . Then she fell in love with a whole new drug that could fill her veins"

3. "And then ... She's high . She lives in the sky . Tonight, she's satisfied . Rolling back her eyes . But then she starts to cry . Everything is turning to black"

4. "All in one night . She just went to heaven and back"

5. "Boiling water . Dying in an empty corner . Tied to aluminium borders . She tried, but the obsidian caught her, yeah"

6. "And it might seem like she's crazy . By the things that she might say, but while you're talking she shoots diamorphine right into her veins"


1. "I learned the hard way on how to let go . So here we go feel the adrenaline taking control. Get high, no low . This moment of truth hidden under my tongue . No longer numb . Running like rain when I thought it dried up . Can't get enough"

2. "I'm climbing up these walls, I'm invincible . Even if I fall, I fall on me . Got myself alive, up here in the sky . My ecstasy."

3. "I can only drink what I wanna drink . I can only say what I wanna say . I can only think what I wanna think . Don't hate me, don't hate"

4. "I can only love who I wanna love . I can only smoke what I wanna smoke . I can only— who I wanna— . Don't hate me, don't hate. I, I can only, I, I can only, I, I can only . Don't hate me, don't hate"

5. "All that you're gettin' is all that you see . I'm cool with it . Nothing else ever made much sense to me . I'm not doing it . I'm climbing up these walls, I'm invincible"


1. "You cry over boys . You haven't even met in real life . Yeah, you know he's the worst . But you tell all your friends he seems nice, oh, oh"

2. "You change like the seasons in LA . And by that I mean that you don't ever really even change . No, you just cry over boys . You haven't even met in real life"

3. "How many nights can you spend staining your pillow with makeup? When you're really upset . It's so annoying to take off . Just to do it again . Oh, what's the point in dressing up to be let down?"

4. "Aren't you tired of getting hurt? Aren't you sick of, of making it worse? You cry over boys . You know would never cry about you"

5. "He used to light up your room . Now your phone is darker than a tattoo, oh, oh"

6. "You move like the Earth around the stars . Broken hearted. When you end up in the same place that you start, no . Back to crying over boys . You know would never cry about you"


1. "I am free, yeah, yeah . Come water me, oh, oh . Love you so, but if you don't . I have to leave, oh, no"

2. "It's hot, I think I wanna kick off both of my socks . I can feel it boilin' up in this pot . A closed mouth don't get fed, is you hungry or not?

3. "Thank God, thank God, thank God, I'm gettin' thicker . And I got 'em sweatin' in the middle of the winter . (Get up) I don't get dehydrated, I moisturize it daily"

4. "I am my inspiration, I am my inspiration (get up) . But I love you, no limit, I need to know you in it . If you got time, let's spend it, oh, yeah"

5. "Ooh, I think I need a washrag, perspiratin' . Gimme that sweet tea, you think I'm playin' . I need it all night, no sleep . You can get it in the kitchen if you sweatin' out the sheets"

6. "And I can make you boil up, baby, let it simmer . (Get up) I don't get dehydrated, I moisturize it daily . I am my inspiration, I am my inspiration (get up) . But I love you, no limit, I need to know you in it

7. "I'm so pretty and so ditty and these boys be after kitty . I just snap and pivot, uh-huh, uh-huh"


1. "Never wanna believe in me . Take advantage so easily . Wasn't what it seemed to be . Why you keep deceiving me? Why you think I owe you something? Say it's not enough and wanna bring me down, but claim what I'm becoming"

2. "Two years of my life I feel like I ain't got nowhere . You just keep me at the bottom, trying to come up for some air . And every time I call I get denied I get no answer . Like this movie has no ending but they wanna take the credit"

3. "I'm a slave yea . They think they own me . I need a way out . Before they destroy me"

4. "Only thing keeping me out of the street . Gaining my balance . I'm back on my feet . Didn't really know what had happened to me . Everything was movin so backwards to me . Losin myself I was chasin the dream!"

5. "I been on the low and they all wonder how I made it . They don't know the half and let's be honest and shit changed . I done spent these years up of my life chasin fame"


1. "So, I heard you found somebody else . And at first I thought it was a lie . So, I took all my things that make sounds . And the rest I can do without"

2. "I don't want your body . But, I hate to think about you with somebody else . A love gone cold . You're intertwining your soul with somebody else"

3. "Come on, baby . This ain't the last time that I'll see your face . Come on, baby. You said you'd find someone to take my place . Oh I don't believe that you have got it in you . 'Cause we are just gonna keep doin' it and every time . I start to believe in anything you're sayin' . I'm reminded that I should be gettin' over it"

4. "Somebody else. Get someone you love . Get someone you need . Trash that, get money . 'Cause I can't give you my soul, 'cause we're never alone"


1. "Pray to God, but I'm feeling like He's going deaf . Now when I lean on you and I got nothing left . Hey, I've been wanting to call ya, tell you that I'm sorry . Same old fucking story everybody sing"

2. "And I say I'm okay, but I guess I'm a liar . You say you're okay, but I saw that you liked it . 2 AM and faded, I know that's when you like it . Know that's when you miss me, know that's when you crying"

3. "Why you, why you, why you checking if you're over it? Why you, why you say "Let go" if you're still holding it? . Just a little bit better at faking it than me, baby"

4. "Nowadays, I'm just a bitch to everybody else (Fuck you and you) . I don't need no shoulders, I'm good crying by myself, ay (Fuck you, too) . Moving on's a chore, 'cause you know I still adore ya . An unrequited love is just a lover's hell"

5. "I'm not gon' act like I don't love ya, baby . 'Cause deep in my mind, girl, I know I do (True) . Tried to search all through the world and not well . But I can't find a girl who looks close like you (No!)"

6. "I done made millions of dollars . But I'm still alone until I come home back to you (Yah) . I 'member all of them times we were parked by your house . And laughed all on your avenue . Whoa, you can't front . You're a stone cold diva (Yah) . Had to get counseling from my moms she's a heartbreak teacher (Oh yeah).


1. "Wake up with a knot in my chest . Tried everything just to get out of bed . It ain't working, it ain't working . Sometimes, I can get like this . I cover it up with a smile on my face . But I'm hurting, I'm still hurting"

2. "There are days when the world gets heavy . Sleepless nights, I've had way too many . When it's late and no one's around, around . Alone in my room and the tears start pouring . Wishing the night was still the morning . But tonight, I'ma let them fall down, fall down"

3. " 'Cause it's okay not to be okay. It's okay if you feel the pain . Don't gotta wipe your tears away . Tomorrow's another day. It's okay not to be okay . It's fine, you're allowed to break"

4. "As long as you know, as long as you know . Everything's gonna be okay . Okay, okay"

5. "Look at you, look at me . We all going through it if you look beyond the surface . Beyond the surface . So what do I do? Just wear it on my sleeve . Maybe then, maybe then you'd believe that I'm hurting (that I'm hurting)"

6. "And it feels like there's no way out, way out (there's no way out, no)"

7. "But you know, you know, you know, you know . That it gets easier"


1. "Everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah . And everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah"

2. "I'm feeling strange in the night . I'm in myself I feel I'm thrown into a fight. . Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide nothin's right"

3. "My skin is burning when my rock begins to speak . There's something going wrong with me . I am changing rapidly . I'm feeling stronger, more alert, I'm on the move"

4. "I smell her scent and I know I will find her soon (soon, soon) . The one to come and free me from this fate . I'll find her, it's not too late, hey, hey"

5. "I'm a beast in the night . I'm on the prowl and I'm hoping to find some light . You call it heaven, I can too it feel the same . Ain't nothing wrong I bin feasting on something brave"

6. "A sexy lady who's pure, she has the cure, uh . I hope she can find a man within the beast, hey . I hope she saves me from the curse I have to beat, hey . I hope she figures out a way to save my soul . Yeah, to save my heart, hey.

7. "I watch the sun collapse . And took up in the clizzoud . I am the lone wolf . Go where I wanna . Let the moon shine be the guide to the lizzight . Even when I stray away the light never left me, uh"

8. "I learn to follow my instinct . Blinded about the light, . Rather that than the evil feel another place in a room full of people. Try and be the same but you know you're not a sequel . You're fate will be whatever it shall be (be, be, be, be) . We'll fight no more, I let these things just be (be, be, be)"


1. " You like New York City in the daytime . I like New York City in the nighttime . You say you like sleeping with the air off . I don't, I need it on"

2. "You like the light coming through the windows . I sleep late, so I just keep 'em all closed. You ignore the music on the radio . I don't, I sing along"

3. "I don't ask for you to change . Baby, no no no . And you don't ask for me to change ."

4. "Tell me how we're not alike . But we work so well . And we don't even know why"

5. "Funny how the stars crossed right . 'Cause we work so well . And we don't even know why

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